Summary: What is our relationship with Jesus Christ? Are we committed followers or simply those who admire who He is. Jesus is looking for all or nothing. (adapted from a sermon by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan of Jesus)

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No strings attached

Introduction (adapted from sermon by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan of Jesus)

How many are familiar with the acronym DTR?

For- young man- in relationship- letters can be scary.

They want to postpone- DTR talk as long as possible.

DTR- Define the relationship

It is the talk where you decide where things are going- casual or moving toward- greater commitment?

The Talk

Today we want to have a DTR talk with Jesus Christ.

Where do things stand in- relationship w/Jesus Christ?

May be new Christian-not ready to define-relationship.

Many of us however have called ourselves Christians for a long time- necessary for us to have- DTR talk.

Where do you stand- perhaps- like things as they are-

-you want a relationship w/Jesus on your terms,

-you like it being a casual weekend, no strings attached relationship,

-you want to be close enough to Jesus to get the benefits-but- not required to make-sacrifices.

If you read the Gospels- this is not an option.

Jesus routinely put people in a place where they had to define their relationship w/Him- casual/committed.

There were times- Jesus- OK w/people walking away.

Lk 18:18-23 (rich young ruler)

You may think- walking w/Jesus- but- walked away.

Jn 6- fed 5000- challenge- I am the bread of life- those who eat My flesh/drink My blood- have eternal life.

Jn 6:66 As a result … many of His disciples withdrew … were not walking w/Him anymore.

He wanted a relationship that was all or nothing.

For a time Jesus may be okay w/casual relationship, but there comes a time- He will challenge you-

Am I enough for you or not, am I the great I AM in your life, or are there others you turn to?

Jesus is looking for commitment- He is a jealous God.

The Commitment

Lk 9:23

There are a number of times- Jesus says believe in me, but there are more times where He says follow me.

There was no believing in Jesus without following Jesus- it was not an option that Jesus offered.

When we look at the church today-

is it a crowd or a group of followers?

You might hear Jesus say- if you are not in this for me alone- w/all your heart- you might just go on home.

If you are new in the Lord- may not be ready for the talk, but if you have walked with the Lord a while-

it may be time for you to define the relationship.

Another way we could ask the question-

Are you a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus?

Fan- an enthusiastic admirer.

Jesus is not looking for fans who-

-come to church on the weekend,

-sing a few songs, and

-then go home and live like they always lived.

Jesus-looking for more than Christian bumper stickers.

Lk 9- people- want to be followers, but- really fans.

Lk 9:57-58

(Jesus- knows- condition of their of their heart- from His response we can learn about the person)

Jesus- saying to this man-

-if you want to follow me it is going to mean living a life that is not always comfortable.

-the man was more concerned about- comfort and convenience than- about following Jesus.

Many want to follow Jesus enough to be associated w/Him but not inconvenienced- do not-

-mess w/my money or

-upset my relationships.

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