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Summary: What is our relationship with Jesus Christ? Are we committed followers or simply those who admire who He is. Jesus is looking for all or nothing. (adapted from a sermon by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan of Jesus)

No strings attached

Introduction (adapted from sermon by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan of Jesus)

How many are familiar with the acronym DTR?

For- young man- in relationship- letters can be scary.

They want to postpone- DTR talk as long as possible.

DTR- Define the relationship

It is the talk where you decide where things are going- casual or moving toward- greater commitment?

The Talk

Today we want to have a DTR talk with Jesus Christ.

Where do things stand in- relationship w/Jesus Christ?

May be new Christian-not ready to define-relationship.

Many of us however have called ourselves Christians for a long time- necessary for us to have- DTR talk.

Where do you stand- perhaps- like things as they are-

-you want a relationship w/Jesus on your terms,

-you like it being a casual weekend, no strings attached relationship,

-you want to be close enough to Jesus to get the benefits-but- not required to make-sacrifices.

If you read the Gospels- this is not an option.

Jesus routinely put people in a place where they had to define their relationship w/Him- casual/committed.

There were times- Jesus- OK w/people walking away.

Lk 18:18-23 (rich young ruler)

You may think- walking w/Jesus- but- walked away.

Jn 6- fed 5000- challenge- I am the bread of life- those who eat My flesh/drink My blood- have eternal life.

Jn 6:66 As a result … many of His disciples withdrew … were not walking w/Him anymore.

He wanted a relationship that was all or nothing.

For a time Jesus may be okay w/casual relationship, but there comes a time- He will challenge you-

Am I enough for you or not, am I the great I AM in your life, or are there others you turn to?

Jesus is looking for commitment- He is a jealous God.

The Commitment

Lk 9:23

There are a number of times- Jesus says believe in me, but there are more times where He says follow me.

There was no believing in Jesus without following Jesus- it was not an option that Jesus offered.

When we look at the church today-

is it a crowd or a group of followers?

You might hear Jesus say- if you are not in this for me alone- w/all your heart- you might just go on home.

If you are new in the Lord- may not be ready for the talk, but if you have walked with the Lord a while-

it may be time for you to define the relationship.

Another way we could ask the question-

Are you a fan of Jesus or a follower of Jesus?

Fan- an enthusiastic admirer.

Jesus is not looking for fans who-

-come to church on the weekend,

-sing a few songs, and

-then go home and live like they always lived.

Jesus-looking for more than Christian bumper stickers.

Lk 9- people- want to be followers, but- really fans.

Lk 9:57-58

(Jesus- knows- condition of their of their heart- from His response we can learn about the person)

Jesus- saying to this man-

-if you want to follow me it is going to mean living a life that is not always comfortable.

-the man was more concerned about- comfort and convenience than- about following Jesus.

Many want to follow Jesus enough to be associated w/Him but not inconvenienced- do not-

-mess w/my money or

-upset my relationships.

Ever get-feeling- Jesus- trying to interfere w/your life?

We want a relationship without interference.

Until Jesus interferes with our lives we will never fully experience the life He wants us to live (to give us).

It is not until we are committed that we receive the benefits of His life.

Walking with Jesus does not work half-way- are you-

-an enthusiastic admirer?

-a fan or are you ready to become a follower?

Financial difficulties- are you ready to fully trust Jesus as your Provider?

Health issues- are you ready to fully trust Jesus as your Healer?

Am I going to die to myself and live fully for Him?

Jesus did not come like Dr Phil/Oprah- to give you some self-help advice.

He came to turn our lives up side down.

We think in turns of a little-

tune-up- Jesus- thinking of- complete over-haul,

make-up- Jesus is thinking a make-over,

redecorating- Jesus wants- complete renovation.

Jesus did not come to change me- He came to kill me.

He is waiting for us to die so we can fully live for Him

When we are faced with choosing Jesus or following comfort, what do we choose?

Jesus calls us to take up our cross.

There is something wrong w/our relationship w/Jesus if it is not costing us in some way- fan or follower?

MSNBC report- new vegetarians- ie. “I usually eat vegetarian, but I really like bacon.” Pure

vegetarians- you cannot say you are a vegetarian and be eating meat sometimes- come up with a new name for yourselves- flexetarians. They like vegetarian food but not 100% committed to it-

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