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Summary: How many of you are truly prepared for the coming Day of the Son of Man? Unless you are "moving with godly fear" you should fear this great day and learn from Noah!


Theme: Moving with godly fear in preparation for the coming day of the Lord. Heb. 11:7


A. The world obviously lives oblivious to the coming day of the Lord: eating, drinking, and marrying.

1. This, however, is also true for most professing Christians.

2. Too many Christians live their day-to-day lives no different than the world.

B. What this world (and Christians) need to learn is to heed the gospel call (world) and prepare (Christians) for that coming Day.

1. This is what Noah did.

2. Noah also tried to provide this message of salvation to his contemporaries of the impending Day.


A. Perfect in his generations

1. He was perfect not because he was sinless, but because he was blameless, just, or upright. Cp. Rom. 3:23; Gen. 9:24

2. Most Christians fail to understand the contrast between trespass (Noah sinned by getting drunk) vs. walking according to the world. Gen. 6:9

3. Hence, we see Noah living for and walking with the Lord; while the rest of mankind (even those who recognized/sacrificed to God) lived to the fulfillment of the flesh. Gen. 6:1-9

B. Moved with godly fear.

1. The scriptures reveal that Noah did all that God commanded. Gen. 6:22

2. This included not just the building of the ark, but preaching of the coming day when God’s wrath would condemn the ungodly. 2 Pet. 2:5

3. Such is the attitude of one who is blameless; walking in the fear of the Lord. Psa. 128:1

C. Prepared for the day of the Lord.

1. Noah walked with God; his mind always on the will of God; his obedience always in accordance with His commandments.

2. Noah did not live for himself, but for the Lord. How many Christians can truly say they live their lives for the Lord? Gal. 2:20

3. Thus, Noah was prepared for the coming judgment…and went through it unscathed. cp. 2 Pet. 2:5; Ezek. 14:14


A. Many today are like those of the days of Noah. Lk. 17:20-28

1. The world lives: eat, drink, marry, etc.

2. Too many Christians live just like the world: saying we love the Lord but our fruit reveal we love this world. 1 Jn. 2:15; Lk. 21:34

B. How many are perfected through Christ today?

1. Putting to death the ungodly man of sin and saved by God’s grace and from His wrath. 1 Pet. 3:18-20 (Mk. 16:16)

2. True Christians are perfected through faith in Christ: living/moving with godly fear. Heb. 11:7

C. Only those who walk with the Lord will be prepared for the coming day of His judgment. Lk. 17:30-37

1. Those not prepared will be “taken” and swept away in judgment. Cp. Matt. 24:39

2. Those, like Noah, who walk with God, will be saved in the day of the Son of Man.


A. Brethren, no longer do spiritual things from time to time but walk with God: live for Him for the Day will the day of the Son of Man will come unexpectedly.

B. Lost friend, the gospel is preached, do you believe you are lost and need God’s salvation today? If not, you too will go on living for this life but not prepared for the Day of the Lord.

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