Summary: Was Noah's Ark a real story? Find out as we explore the facts about a world wide flood?

Noah's Ark and the World Wide Flood


A. The reason I am teaching on the topic of evolution verses creation is so that you can get access to scientific information that the public schools are censoring for fear that it might show how foolish the teaching of evolution really is. The educational elite today will do whatever it takes to prevent people from hearing anything that challenges evolution. They will make fun of scientists or teachers who teach creation, try to intimate people who say they believe in creation, and even seek to legally keep it out of the schools. So much for being ‘open minded!’

B. I am not a scientist but I am a person who can think and I feel I should be allowed to ask questions and challenge theories that I am taught. This material we shall look at today is presented to you not so much that you can remember all of it and use it in an argument with an evolutionist. It is presented with the hope that you will see that the Biblical teaching of creationism is good science and that you will get this truth settled in your heart once and for all.

C. If you get into a discussion with an evolutionists rather than trying to remember all this material it might be better to approach it this way. “I know there is good scientific research available for anyone who is ‘open minded’ enough to challenge the theory of evolution. I can get it for you if you are really interested in educating yourself.”

D. This coming Saturday, April 25th, we will be caravanning down to see the Creation museum in Cincinnati. If you truly are interested in educating yourself and getting good scientific research done by brilliant scientists, geologists, nuclear physicists, molecular biologists, cosmologist, I invite you to come along. I can promise you that you will not regret it and it will change your life if you have any questions at all about evolution or creationism. Today we are going to take a look at the importance of believing in the creation story and also the story of Noah’s Ark and how it clearly speaks of a young earth in agreement with the story of creation.

Is it really that important that we believe in creation? Mark 10:6

A. Some people say, what is the big deal, so long as I believe in Jesus what does it matter if I believe in evolution or creation? Well it does matter and let me show you why.

1st Jesus believed in the story of creation. In Mark 10:6 we find Jesus making reference to the story of creation as He taught about marriage between a man and a woman. He declared that marriage is to be between a man and a woman because “from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.” It is clear that Jesus believed in the creation story and He used it as a basis for His teaching for marriage. If we reject creation we make Jesus a “false teacher.”

2nd If we can reject the plain teaching of Genesis, why can’t we reject the plain teaching of other scriptures? If we reject Bible teaching just because it is hard to believe or science says it is impossible, then why not reject Jesus’ virgin birth and His resurrection from the dead, or His miracles, since science says they are not possible? Either the Bible can be trusted or it cannot. Either it is divinely inspired or it is written by men. If it is divinely inspired then we can trust what it says to be true.

3rd The creation story gives us the entire foundation for the salvation of man. If there was death, disease, and destruction before man sinned then the whole concept of sin and its curse is now without any basis and the need for salvation is no longer necessary. According to the creation story, everything was created good, without death, disease, and destruction. It was not until Adam and Eve sinned that these things came upon the earth. Jesus came to pay the price for this sin by His sacrifice on the cross. His death and resurrection have broken the curse of sin and have brought the gospel or the spreading of God’s kingdom on this earth. Without the creation story as we read it in Genesis we have no plan of salvation. Our only hope is that someday man will evolve and be good. But with six thousand years of history filled with wars and corruption we don’t have much hope.

B. The belief in the teaching of creation is not really optional. If we reject creationism we make Jesus a false teacher, we destroy the entire plan of salvation and we make the Bible a book written by men. Creation is not simply something that Christians can take or leave. It is a foundation upon we build our entire believe system.

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