Summary: This is a funeral outline I used when called on to preach the funeral for a non-christian man. Hope it is helpful.

Will you pray with me.

Lord, we come to you this day with heavy hearts at the passing of ______. I pray father as we go through this time you will fill the hearts of this precious family with your love, your grace, and your mercy. Father we come to you knowing that when your children cry you cry with us, when we are happy you rejoice with us, and for that knowledge we are truly thankful. Not only today father, but in the days and weeks ahead, as those special days and those things that bring back memories continue to pour out your love and mercy. Thank you for the gift of your sin, for hearing our prayers, in His name we pray, Amen.

In Ps. 23, David writes, (read 1-6)

Such a simple illustration, but one even Jesus used is that of a shepherd.

It is good to have someone in whom we trust we will truly be safe. David paints a picture of “our shepherd” leading us into a safe, quiet place, even as we stare down our own uncertainty and fears.

He calms our soul.

In John 10 Jesus (7-11)

Something about shepherds is how well they know their sheep – and how well the sheep know the shepherd.

A shepherd knows his sheep by name. I’m sure Palmer was like most Dad’s and Grandpa’s and may have even had special nicknames.

John tells us that God has a special name picked out for us. Like the great shepherds, our savior can look across the huge world and identify you. He knows your voice. He knows your cry.

Shepherds also know if their sheep are hurting. David declared the rod and staff of the Lord - a staff that is used to catch us before we get into trouble – wonder to close to the edge. A staff used to check for any injuries.

A rod to fight off those who mean to do us harm.

Before he left this world Jesus promised, “I am with you always…even to the end of the age.”

Our protector, our comforter, our shepherd will never leave us.

Today I wish I could say something that would erase the hurt. I wish I could offer something to fill the void that is left in the passing of _______. More than a man, he was a father, a brother, an uncle, a grandfather, a neighbor, and a friend.

What can offer is a promise made long ago – recorded by the Hebrew writer (Heb. 4:14-16)

It is great to know we have a savior who knows our hurt, is there when needed, and leads us through the dark times in life.

Let us pray.

Father, again we come before your throne of grace and mercy, thankful for the promises we find in your word. Thankful that you sent your son to be our shepherd, to lead us through times of loss such as this, to be a comfort when we grieve, and a hope for a wonderful future with you. Father, again I ask that you would look down on this family that your tender mercy will fill each heart that is mourning the loss of this loved one. Father we commend his spirit into your hands and pray that in all we will look to you as our guide and peace through life. Be with always in Jesus name, Amen.

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