Summary: Thought Israel rejected Jesus, God did not abandon them. He continues to move drawing them back to him--just as he does in our lives.

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Romans 9:1-5 “Not Abandoned”


One of the fundamental questions with which we struggle so often is, “Can God be trusted?” Or, to put it another way, “Is God true to his promises, or has there been an example of a time when God failed to keep his promises?” “If God has not kept his promises in the past, how can I trust and believe that God will keep his promises to me in the situations that I face?”

• When we tithe and observe a day of rest, we are trusting that God will provide our daily bread for us, even with us not working 55 hours a week, or only dropping our loose change in the offering basket.

• As people of faith, it is vital that we are able to rest in the truth that God is with us in the chaos of life—and that he is working it to the good.

• God has promised that the cross of Christ has given us victory over death—that we will never be separated from him and will live with him eternally.

Paul is answering some questions that the Christians at Rome poised to him. They wondered if God had abandoned the Jews. The Jews were once the chosen people of God. Now, it appeared that Christians were God’s chosen. Can it then be said that God has not kept his promises to the Jews, and thus put his promises to us in question. Paul’s answer powerfully affects our lives.


The Jews were identified as “The People of God,” or “The Children of God.” Now, in Paul’s writings and in the gospels, Christians are identified as “The People of God,” and “The Children of God.”

Most of the Jews had rejected Jesus. It would appear that in their rejection of the Savior that God has also rejected them.

Paul asserts that God has not abandoned the Jews. God is still working in them and around them to bring them salvation. Paul envisions a time when the Jews will return to God and believe in Jesus the Christ.


God’s steadfast love for the Jews confirms our hope and trust in God.

• God will not abandon us no matter how dire the circumstances.

• God will always be true to his promises. God does not lie, nor does God renege on his Word.

• History proves God’s faithfulness, and the Spirit’s work today confirms God’s faithfulness.


God’s faithfulness extends to family and friends outside the church.

Paul was concerned and anxious for the Jews, just as we are for those around us.

God has not abandoned them. God continues to move and act for their salvation. God has not abandoned the Jews, and we will not abandon those we love.

God loves of father/mother, son/daughter brother/sister, grandchildren, and friends. God will not turn his back on them.


The book of Romans is a celebration of God’s faithfulness. God’s love and grace are steadfast, unconditional and overwhelming. We are able to celebration God’s trustworthiness and to live in its reality in our lives.


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