Summary: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Good News

September 14, 2003


2 Tim 1: 8-12

“Not Ashamed Of The Gospel”


Did you ever experienced that when you heard a joke which you found out to be very funny, you were very eager to share it to someone especially the members of our family?

It happened to me so many times. Last Thursday, I went to Barnes & Nobles and I found this book called Bushism which contains jokes about Pres. Bush. So if there are Erap jokes in the Phils., there are also Bush’s jokes here in America.

I laughed so hard that I called Myrna in the office to share some of it.

Also when we watched a good movie, with excitement we share and relate what we saw. The same is true when we read some articles, books and magazines which we found very interesting and worth sharing.

But, how about when the subject matter is about God, about Jesus Christ about faith and salvation? Are we that excited to share? Do we find it interesting and worthwhile to share with excitement to other people?

Most Christians just like non-Christians don’t even bother to share about their testimony and experience about God.

But I know not all of us have the same attitude and impressions. Because there are people in this fellowship who are willing and able to become a living witness for Jesus Christ.

In fact, I really Praise the Lord because we have Sis. Madel has fruits in faith. The Andrew’s and Tita. Lita are the product of her desire for this fellowship to grow. She invited them and shared about our fellowship that’s why they are here with us willing to serve the Lord.

And also, our mother Irene, she is not afraid to invite people that is why we have Lola. Felomena and ate Violy.

Apostle Paul in his letter to Timothy said, “Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, …but share with me in the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God.”V.18

Apostle Paul was imprisoned because of his boldness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was humiliated and suffered physically, emotionally, because of his faith in the Lord.

As Christian believers, what are we doing to let people know about our faith?

My brothers and sisters, we have to stand on our feet and do not be ashamed to share about what God has done in our life.

We have a testimony to share, I believe that. Our everyday experience with the Lord is a testimony to share. He is doing great things in your life and He is able to do more if you allow Him to do it for you.

Huwag mong ikakahiya ang pagpapatotoo tungkol sa Panginoon.

God is alive and He is real. Let’s cite some facts about God.

Who controls the solar system and the earth where we live. Who keeps it in order ? I am very certain, it’s not the people from NASA but God. Genesis 1:1 “God created the heavens and the earth.”

Who provides the air that we breath? not the electric power but, God.

Who gives light to the Sun that gives us light during the day and keeps us warm and sweating so that those excessive fats will be burned from our system?

Not the brilliance of scientists nor doctors but God.

Howard Davis said, “An invisible God of fathomless intelligence obviously designed the universe, which according to astronomers’ best estimates stretches out some 15 billion light years. By some recent estimates a staggering 70 thousand million million million-seven followed by 22 zeros-stars are visible through telescopes from earth.”

We have so many many reasons to testify about the Lord. Are we doing our part to share it to people who are blinded with self centeredness and conceit.

Sometimes, we attribute to human endeavors what progress we are experiencing.

Remember, only God can do miraculous and marvelous things, the brilliant minds are just part of God’s blessing to humanity.People don’t accept this reality because of pride and sin.

Our testimony about the Lord must be coupled by our submission to the power of God who is at work in our lives.

There are group of so called religious people who shared the gospel but not according to the power of God.

The power of God means that there is transformation within you. There is something new and something different that is happening within yourself compared to who you are before you encountered Jesus in your life.

You must share a changed life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We cannot just sit here all our life without experiencing the touch and power of God working in our life. God is willing to show His power thru us if we are willing to let Him do something for us.

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