Summary: God created man to be a creature of fellowship.

Introduction: In our text, God for the first time declares something not good during creation. Adam was familiar with the earth and the animal kingdom. He observed their kindred and lively fellowship. However, he realized that he was the only human. God had allowed him to feel the need of a deeper kind of companionship. Thus, the creator Himself said; "It is not good that man should be alone." It is still true today as it was in the dawn of humanity. Consider, a man without a family. A man without children. A man without a wife. A man without a friend. A man without a God. Such would be a man without Joy. It truely is not good for man to be alone. Let us consider the following:

1. Not Good For His Psche’

2. Not Good For His Comfort

3. Not Good For His Social Nature

4. Not Good For the Propagation of the Race

5. Not Good For His Spiritual Nature

6. Not Good For His Development

7. Not Good For His Relationship With God

Conclusion: A man without human fellowship is lonely but a man without God is alone. If you are that person, remember that God said; "It is not good for man to be alone."

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