Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: How a gentle breeze of temptation can suddenly turn into a storm

Acts 27:10-15.

We find Paul speaking to the men in charge and speaking a warning.

You know I believe Paul was speaking by unction of the Spirit and not just his opinion, but we find that the Centurion rejected his advice. He didn’t listen to the preacher. He believed the master and the owner of the ship more than Paul.

Well, I mean, after all, the master of the ship was an experienced sailor and who was Paul?

Actually he was a prisoner.

I can almost imagine the conversation between the centurion and the master of the ship. I can hear the captain of the ship say, "Who are you going to listen to?" "Are you going to believe some jail-bird preacher that goes around raving about that Jesus stuff?"

And then, in verse 13, a gentle south wind began to blow softly.

I said a gentle south wind began to blow.

It is the way of the devil. He will tell you not to listen to the preacher, not to pay any attention to your pastor.

Kids, he will tell you your parents don’t know and don’t understand, and the gentle alluring south wind of temptation comes. He wants you to lift your anchor.

Our generation has cut its anchor lines: the Bible, strong Christian homes, church and the Holy Ghost.

I mean look how calm the sea of sin seems to be just now.

My friend, Abraham’s nephew Lot cast his eyes on the plains of Jordan. He pitched his tent toward Sodom, and it looked like paradise. But I can tell you that paradise burned to the ground.

Satan likes to make things look appealing.

Friend you had best stay anchored in Jesus.

Look at verse 14 with me.

But not long after there arose against it a tempestious wind, called Euroclydon.

That alluring breeze had turned into what sailors today call a Nor-easter. It became a storm that lasted for days.

Listen, storms come, but the captain had sailed right into this one.

Just like that first little buzz on pot that seems so harmless, turns into a habit that robs you of your money, your health, and your mind.

Just like that little drink of whiskey after a hard day seems so gentle it was just to calm you down, but now it’s morning, noon, and night, and the breeze has turned into a storm. It is wrecking your home, your family, and your life.

Many people today have pulled up anchor, trusted in their own knowledge, have rejected God’s advice, turned away from his Word, and sailed into a storm, a terrible storm of life.

The Bible says that this storm was so bad, they had not seen the sun or stars for many days.

Verse 20 says they had lost their hope.

The captain of this ship lost much because he had not hearkened to Paul. He lost his cargo, his ship, and almost his life before he would hearken.

Friend, to set sail away from God could cost you much. Ask brother Jonah, Sampson, or Lot. These men suffered great loss by turning away from God.

To set sail away from God is always heading into a storm.

Oh, there are storms that will try your vessel always, but when Jesus is in your boat you have the promise of reaching the other side. Without him you are headed for the bottom.

You might say Dave I just want to hang onto this one sin a little while longer.

Let me tell you when your boat is on the bottom, it won’t matter if it only had one hole or 100.

My advice is don’t wait until your boat is sinking before you decide to bail out the water and fix that leak.

Paul came on the deck of a sinking ship, a ship where all hope was gone, and made this statement: Wherefore Sirs, be of good cheer: For I believe God that it shall be even as it was told to me.

Paul said, "I believe God", not I believe in a God. Paul said, "I believe God. I believe what he says."

Paul says to a people that are caught in a storm, and are afraid for their lives, "Don’t worry for I believe."

What a statement!

It makes a difference in a storm if you know what God has said and if you believe it.

God’s Word will save us from the storm.

Friend, I believe God. I believe he still calms the storms and still sets the captive free. I believe he still loves the unloveable. I believe that: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

If you have been thinking about taking a direction away from the Lord, if that gentle breeze of temptation has been luring you to lift anchor, I’ve come to tell you, "Don’t do it". That course will wreck your ship.

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