Summary: Pharaoh had a frog problem, In this message we find out how he got rid of them, and how you can too. You don’t have to put up with frogs one more day.

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At one time or another we have all had them, some of us have had them worse than others.

Many of you listening to me right now have them, ( your are infected).

The bad thing about them is (They’re contagious).

No I’m not talking about the mumps or the measles

This is far worse than that ( I’m talking about frogs).

Jesus said to those who were ready to stone a woman caught in adultery (let him that is without sin cast the first stone).

He could have as easily said ( let him that is without frogs cast the first stone).

Exe 8:1-14

God has determined to bring his people out of Egypts bondage, but Pharaoh is determined to keep them as slaves

Pharaoh’s rebellion opens the door to a plague of frogs.

“frogs everywhere”

The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom, even in the sheets.

Frogs = Anything in your life that is contrary to Gods word and Gods will for your life.

Many of you listening to this message have frogs in your life. = Things that you know are out of order, things that shouldn’t be there.

There are all kinds of frogs. “ There are big frogs, little frogs, fat frogs, skinny frogs,

There are frogs of habits and addictions, there are frogs of uncleanness, frogs of lust, and greed, and pride.

There are frogs of sickness, and disease, poverty and lack.

There are frogs that people can see, and smell and hear.

Then there are frogs that people can’t see. ( frogs in the heart and in the mind).

Other people may not be able to see them but you know they’re there.

One thing is for sure Pharaoh and all his servants knew they had a frog problem.

The first step to getting rid of the frogs in your life is to admit you’ve got ‘em.

The bad thing about frogs is they grow, = little frogs become big frogs,

Little stinkers become big stinkers.

And they multiply (Anytime you give place and make room for one frog in your life, you have just given an invitation to the whole frog population).

You can’t have one pet frog, off in a corner of your life that you feed and protect and take care of, and it not affect the rest of your life.

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

Pharaoh recognized his frog problem was not getting better it was getting worse, nothing he or they did, was helping, in fact it was making matters worse.

The next step to getting rid of the frogs was to recognize they couldn’t fix the problem,

They were only making matters worse.

Step 3 They reached the place where they hated the frogs.

God will not deliver you from something that you love, or something you are willing to tolerate.

Pornography, drugs, nicotine, lust, a bad temper, self pity, depression, jealousy, unforgiveness.

How then can you be delivered from something that you know is wrong, you know God is not pleased with, and you shouldn’t have in your life but you like it?

You enjoy it, your flesh enjoys it, ( I know it’s wrong and I know I shouldn’t have it in my life, but I love it).

How can I be delivered from the frogs in my life, when If I’m honest about it, I really like them?.

The answer is: You have to agree with God.

You have to chose, to operate out of your heart, your spirit and not your flesh.

Your flesh may lust after it and desire it (but In my heart I choose to hate it, because God hates it).

When I choose to hate it in my heart, = my spirit, then the power of God begins to move through my spirit, and empowers me to put to death the appetites and the works of the flesh.

There are many Christians including myself, that if they allowed, and if I allow my flesh to have control, would do things that are ungodly, not good for me physically or spiritually.

That’s why I have to live out of my spirit, my heart, and not my flesh.

(Because in my flesh dwelleth no good thing. Ro 7:18)

Step #4 They Recognized the need for God’s help.

AA, anger management, marriage counseling, the patch, nicorettes, rehab.

I’m not against these things, Their all well and good in their place.

But they cannot deliver you.

The doctor, the financial consultant, the lawyers, they all play their part, but first and foremost and above all you need God.

Pharaoh calls for Moses and asks him to pray for their deliverance.

(Glory over me Moses says: Well Hallelujah, you’ve finally come to your senses)

when do you want me to pray?

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