Summary: Christianity teaches that redemption comes only through the shedding of innocent blood and Jesus did just that. Every hearer should be challenged to examine their relationship with God.

Subject: Salvation through the blood

Scripture: Lev. 17.11

Sermon: “Nothing but the Blood”

Scope: Every hearer should be challenged to examine their relationship with God.

Summary: Christianity teaches that redemption comes only through the shedding of innocent blood and Jesus did just that.

Segue: Once we apply the blood of Christ we will discover 7 life changing truths.

Introduction: Have you ever thought about the nature of our salvation? When you think about it Christianity is a bloody faith! D.L. Moody said it this way, “I must die, or have someone die for me. If the Bible doesn’t teach that, it doesn’t teach anything. And that is where the atonement of Jesus Christ comes in!” Every other religious system in the world places the burden of salvation on the efforts of humanity. But, Christianity teaches that salvation only comes through the sacrificial shedding of innocent blood on behalf of the guilty. In the OT this sacrifice was symbolized in he yearly slaughter of an innocent animal on behalf of a guilty nation. In the NT the ultimate blood sacrifice for salvation was accomplished once for all by the God-Man Jesus Christ.

The Bible has been called a bloody book. The question is, “Why all the blood?” why could God not just speak a word and wipe away the sin of the world. What is significant about the shedding of blood for the atonement of sin? Well, god revealed the significance to us in Leviticus 17.11 when He instituted Yom-Kippur – the Day of Atonement. God said, “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.” Why the blood? The life is in the blood! Romans 6.23 states “the wages of sin is death…” In order for atonement to be made for sin someone must pay the price. Someone must die. In order for death to occur ones life must removed. In order for the life to be removed blood must be shed, because the life is in the blood. Therefore, in order for the wages of sin to be paid blood must be shed. However, this must be innocent blood. It can’t be just any blood. That’s why I can not pay my own sin debt. My blood is not innocent. My blood is tainted. My blood is diseased with sin. Atonement can only be made by blood that has over come the disease. That’s where the God-man Jesus Christ comes in. the bible tells us that He was tempted in ever area that we are tempted yet, He did not sin. His blood is pure. His blood holds the key to the cure for the disease of sin.

Dr. Felix Ruh, a Jewish doctor in Paris, watched his granddaughter die of the black diphtheria. Because of this tragedy in his life he vowed to find a cure for this dreadful disease. He invited the area’s scientist to his form to watch as he swabbed the nostrils, tongues, and throats of 20 horses with germs that he had cultured with black diphtheria. One by one the horses began to die until there was only one horse left. The scientist all gave up and left. However, Dr. Ruh remained with his assistant who watched the horse through out the night. When the horse’s fever broke he woke Dr. Ruh. The doctor watched as the horse fought of the germs. By the next day the horse was and eating as if nothing had ever been wrong. Then, Dr. Ruh killed the horse and extracted all of the blood from this animal that had overcome this disease. With the horse’s blood in hand Dr. Ruh rushed to the municipal hospital and forced his way passed the superintendent and guards and went into the ward where 300 babies lay, segregated to die from black diphtheria. They inoculated every one of the babies with the horse’s blood. 297 out of 300 of the babies lived and made a complete recovery. They were saved by the blood of the one who had overcome. So it is with the salvation of sinful humanity. We must be inoculated with the blood of our over comer Jesus Christ. Once we apply the blood of Jesus to our sin sick souls we will discover that 7 life changing principles are applied to bring us everlasting salvation.

I. Nothing but the blood brings Redemption (Acts 20.28; 1 Cor. 6.20)

II. II. Nothing but the blood brings Propitiation [Atonement] (Rom. 3.22-25).

III. III. Nothing but the blood brings Healing (Is. 53.5).

IV. IV. Nothing but the blood brings Protection (Ex. 12.13; 23).

V. V. Nothing but the blood brings Deliverance (Rom. 7.6; 2 Tim. 4.18).

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