Summary: The Holy Scriptures present the complete record of everything Almighty God wants us to know about Him and every word He has spoken to His people, the prophets, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Apostles. Anyone who suggests otherwise is a heretical false teacher, period.

When the LORD spoke as recorded in the Scriptures, He did not make small talk, or have a loss for words, or pause to collect His thoughts, or go back and add a phrase, rule, or anything extra. His glory, majesty, holiness, authority, and power were on display before the nation, prophet, ruler, or priest when He spoke, and always the ones who heard Him did not treat Him with the nonchalance or pettiness that I have witnessed both in the media and in some pulpits. I attended one church in central Florida a few years ago where there was a lot of music, a skit, and a scene from a motion picture that was supposed to be an illustration of what the pastor was to talk about that morning. It turned into a free-for-all quagmire of gibberish and confusion and the pastor sheepishly told his congregation, "Oh, no, I forgot to give the sermon! Oh, well, see you all tonight!" This was a degenerate "shepherd" who had failed miserably at his duty (1 Tim.3:1-8). I have read of so-called "men of God" who have declared that Jesus gave them a "new word" that totally contradicted the Scriptures and treated the Sovereign God of Creation as if He were subject to their demands.

What tends to "burn my hide" are those preachers and teachers who talk about a "new move of God", or " a fresh word from the Spirit", or the one statement that makes me nearly lose my religion when I hear it, is "The LORD told me..." and presents his (or her) "personal conversation" with Jesus about a polyglot of issues that are not based on anything but their vivid imagination, and told with such a degree of disrespect that makes me glad I won't be near when the lightning bolt strikes them. I've noticed that much of this nonsense originated within the realm of the "charismatic" groups and bad theology based primarily on emotion and experience instead of the Bible. If God were truly "speaking" to these individuals, He certainly would not be affirming their twisting of the Scriptures, their bad interpretations of doctrines, or their "prophetic words" that are as accurate as tabloid psychics and are a mockery of God's holy nature (Deuteronomy 18:20-22).

Read the reactions of the people and prophets who had a true encounter with the LORD God, and you will see that they are totally contrary to the condescending and nonchalant attitudes of people today (Exodus 3:5, 20:18-21; Joshua 5:15, 24:15 ;Judges 13:18-23; Nehemiah 8:5; Job 40:4; Psalm 33:8, 89:7, 11:19; Isaiah 6:1-8; Hebrews 12:28; Revelation 1:17-18,11:16). NOWHERE in Scripture do we read of God saying to the prophets and apostles (of which there are NONE today), "Oh, I need to let you know that about a couple of thousand years from now, I'll be giving additional information to my "anointed" spokesmen who will be prominent in the last days. I may need to add or update what I've given to you here so that it can be applicable and made to fit more modern times and situations. Don't worry about it for now. I'll show up in different places and if the new bunch doesn't get all of what I will reveal correct, well, that's okay. The effort is what counts."

A lot of you reading this are thinking that what I've just written is nothing short of blasphemous. Well, when you take the time to listen to some of the "prime-time preaching celebrities" on what is called "Christian" television or radio tell their congregations or audiences the same exact blather and no rebuttal or challenge from the Bible is presented to these hucksters, guess what? They keep on selling this pattern of not only adding to or denying

the authority of Scripture, but also demonstrate their blatant disrespect, ignorance, and indifference towards what God has decreed, and their "anointed words" and "new revelations" as a so-called "sign from God" that verify their "calling". It is purely a means of income to spew to newer audiences who love having their ears tickled and leave their souls to starve because the real Word of the Living God is nowhere to be found in these religious charlatan's churches, sermons, books, podcasts, or websites.

Few Bile-believing pastors and teachers will dare to confront these wolves for fear of being verbally attacked, ostracized, criticized for being "unloving" and "intolerant", or accused of being "stuck on stuffy doctrine" and ignoring or quenching "a new move of God" or "fresh anointing of the Spirit". It would seem that many of the charismatic and liberal "heavies" have done a good job of twisting both arms as well as the Scriptures. I do not want to stay fixed on one misguided group. The denomination to which I belong has slid into leftist territory and the leadership has become fixated on issues not related to evangelism, the authority of Scripture, or missions, but have basically abandoned these pillars that had kept them firmly supported to where the new emphasis is on race theory, social justice, embracement and support of groups whose lifestyles are in direct conflict with the Bible, and the infiltration of liberal teachers in our schools and seminaries teaching everything but the doctrines of the faith and the truth of Scripture. They are putting out a slew of young ministers who are culturally relevant, trendy, savvy, and are in tune with the latest fads and ideas about what the top teachers in the US think about the Bible, Jesus, and belief, but are nowhere near being sound or in some cases, even saved.

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