Summary: Nothing Is Impossible With God

***Start with Role Play***

1 girl – Mary

1 girl – Mary’s Mom

1 guy – Mary’s Dad

1 guy – Joseph

Mary has just found out that she is pregnant but she is still a virgin and now needs to tell her parents and boyfriend that she is pregnant.

The scripture that I want to look at today can be found in Luke 1:26-38.

***Read scripture***

I think a lot of times during the Christmas season we spend a lot of time thinking about the amazing miracle of Christ’s birth. We spend the time celebrating the fact that Jesus was born and came down to earth as a man, on our level. We think about why Jesus came and who he came for! All those things are great things to celebrate and think about but I think one thing that is sometimes lost is the amazing act of faith on the part of Mary and Joseph.

Imagine being in Mary’s shoes while the angel is talking to her. Here is a young woman around the age of 15, she is planning on marrying this guy Joseph, and now this angel has told her that she is going to become pregnant and give birth to a son. This wasn’t going to be just any normal son but he was going to be called (vs. 32-33).

Now, because Mary has taken health class and understands a thing or two about where babies come from she asks a great question. In verse 34 she asks, “How will this be since I am a virgin?” I think what is even more amazing is the fact that Mary seemed to only ask the one question.

I think if I had been in Mary’s shoes I would have been asking a ton of questions. Now, some of you might be thinking right now, “Duh! You’re a male. I’d have a lot of questions too if you were pregnant and going to give birth to a son.”

But, pretending I was Mary right now I would have asked about my future husband Joseph. “Gabriel, wait a minute, what is Joseph going to say?! He is going to divorce me and going to think I am a slut. I don’t think I can do this!” I would have also asked about my parents. “Wait a minute, you want me to tell my parents that I am pregnant and then convince them that I am still a virgin. They have taken health class; I think they’ll know that the two don’t line up.” I would have asked about my friends. “You want me to tell my friends that I have been impregnated by the Holy Spirit? They are going to think I am absolutely nuts!!”

Out of all the possible questions that Mary could have also asked I think there is a reason why she didn’t ask any more. That reason is found in verses 35-37. Gabriel is telling her how she is going to become pregnant without ever having sex. *Read vs. 35* I’d like to think Mary tries to interrupt here. “Wait a minute, the Holy Spirit….” But Gabriel continues with verse 36. I’d like to think that again Mary tries to interrupt. “Elizabeth had sex though….” But then Gabriel makes an amazing statement that brought it home for Mary. He says in verse 37, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Now Mary says a lot more that I think I would have said. She answers in verse 38 saying… I think I would have stood there and the only thing that would have been able to come out of my mouth was a mere, “Whoa!” I envision Gabriel saying that line with so much power, with so much awe and wonder, with a greatness in his voice that it could only come from an angel of God, that would have left me floored! “For nothing is impossible with God.”

Since September we have been talking about things that seemed impossible but because these men sought after God they accomplished the things God had placed before them.

Noah and the ark

Abraham and moving to the land God would show him

Abraham and Sarah’s son in old age

Abraham sacrificing Isaac

Joseph keeping his focus on heaven despite wealth, power, and fame

Moses’ parents hiding him against the king’s orders

Moses choosing to be with the people of God rather than of Egypt

Joshua commanding men to walk around a city then to yell and blow their horns

And now tonight we learned about Mary and Joseph.

Mary went away from that place, married Joseph, trusted God that everything would work out and gave birth to the greatest man to ever walk on the face of this planet. Because of Mary’s obedience and faith in what God could do, all of mankind was saved from the fires of hell because Jesus Christ took the punishment for us.

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