Summary: A reminder that God doesn’t make losers.

“Nothing Less Than Victory”

Num. 13:30

This morning, with the help of the Lord, I’d like to share a word from the book of Number, chapter 23, and verse 30. There we read, “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.”

As I prepared for this message, the Lord flooded my mind with thoughts, illustrations, and ideas for the subject. I felt confused and overwhelmed at times, trying to recall what He had just told me, trying to put into word what I was feeling.

This subject is important to the Lord, because God is not a loser. He can’t loser…because He is God. Yet, we His people can loss, and often we do.

If you were inclined to list every sin you’ve ever committed…every test you ever failed…every time that the devil landed a body blow or a head shot, ….how much paper would you need? How many pens or pencils would you go through?

How can it be that, we who are created in the image and likeness of God, can, and often do, come up on the losing end of life?

· Aren’t we’re saved by grace, through faith!

· Isn’t our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life

· Don’t we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us…

Yet, we still struggle with temptations…we often give in to sin…. we are seen as less than an overcomer.

Some of our plight comes from the fact that we, although saved, are still just flesh and blood. The angels look upon with wonder, pondering

· How can such a mass of bone and muscle, tendon and nerves, go against Satan, the god of this age?

· How could the Lord Jesus Christ leave the glories of heaven, and take on the form of….man…living as a man….sleeping as a man….being tempted as a man?

· How could God possibly find one among us to rule and reign in His Son’s millennial kingdom?

Yet and still, such is the case…and then some.

However, this morning, I want to look away from what the angels think. I want you to shun the thoughts and evaluations of what the devil thinks. For just a moment, and just a moment, I want you to block out even what God thinks…and ask you what do you think?

· Do you think it’s possible for YOU to be an overcomer?

· Do you think it’s possible for YOU to hear “well-done thou good and faithful servant”?

· Do you think it’s possible for YOU to be chosen to rule and reign with Christ in His soon coming kingdom?

Because, regardless of what the angels think…regardless of what the devil thinks…regardless of what God thinks….it’s up to YOU!

This morning, I want to give you three things to consider, on the subject of Nothing Less Than Victory. The first thing I want you to know is NOW is the time for victory. Not tomorrow…not yesterday…but NOW, right now.

Just as in the case of Joshua and Israel, we, the people of God are faced with a choice: to walk by faith, and claim the promises of God, or to walk by sight, taking what life gives us.

Joshua said, in verse 30, ‘Let us go up “AT ONCE”. Can you hear the urgency in his voice? Do you feel the passion in his desire. Joshua knew that NOW, right NOW is the time to claim our victory.

· God had delivered Israel from the bonds of slavery!

· He had parted the Red Sea!

· He had turned bitter water into sweet!

· He had rained manna from heaven!

· He had poured water from a rock!

· He had caused the shoes and clothes of a 4 million people to last nearly 40 years.

· He had allowed the spies to go into the land, to prove to themselves that the Promised Land was all that God promised it would be.

So now, RIGHT NOW, Joshua stilled the people of God, and declared that Israel must claim their victory AT ONCE.

When you’re ready to accept Nothing Less Than Victory, you’ll realize that NOW is the time!

· Regardless of your circumstances!

· Regardless of your problems!

· Regardless of your finances!

· Regardless of your health!

· Regardless of what you think!

· Regardless of what you feel!

When you’re ready to accept Nothing Less Than Victory, you must realize that Victory is in season RIGHT NOW!

What does the song say? “Victory is mine. Victory is mine. Victory today is mine.” Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week, or sometime in the distant future. Today! And, God is commanding His children to stake their claim to victory TODAY. Right Now!!

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