Summary: How to live abundantly by not worrying, bot being complacent, by thinking of other and by knowing nothing is impossible with God.

Sermon: Nothing Phil 2:3, 4:6; Luke 1:37; Rev. 3:17 9/30/01

I. Introduction:

A. Nothing - Gene’s humor

B. Redeem the value of the Word - important word - significance enormous Family Circus - picture - Mommy - Thel and Billy - What have you been doing? Nothing!

1. A load word - so many implications it all depends on how you use it

a) Much to do About Nothing

b) Nothing to Lose

c) Nothing wasted nothing gained

d) Nothing but the truth

e) net to nothing

f) nothing more to say

g) nothing else matters

h) nothing to worry about

i) I’m nothing without you

j) all or nothing

k) nothing to fear

l) nothing but the net

m) nothing new

C. Look at Nothing in the Bible - 4 nothings sayings

II. #1 - "Be anxious for Nothing" Phil 4:6

A. Normally we read : "Be anxious" and we leave nothing out

1. number one killer, number one cause of the common cold: anxiety/stress

B. to being unduly concerned - anxiety

C. rest of the verse - which without we truly have nothing

1. but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your request be made knows unto God.

2. Ask and ye shall receive

3. worry about nothing - birds lilies of the field.

D. anxious worried stressed

1. work

2. home

3. children

4. college

5. retirement

6. bills

7. war - economy

E. give it to God

1. not complacency

III. #2 - Rev. 3:17 For you say, I am rich, I have prospered and I need nothing…

A. Context

1. Church of Laodicea

2. know your works - neither hot nor cold -lukewarm - spit you out

3. self sufficiency - everything they need was of their own accord

4. complacency

B. Rest of the verse

1. And you don’t realize that spiritually you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.

2. Apathy more than nothing - more than the absence of something - And I don’t really care

3. No one would say - more about actions

4. what to your actions say about

a) your home

b) your Faith

c) your church

5. Action

a) do they accomplishes nothing

b) just goes through the motions

C. Be anxious…doesn’t mean being complacent

IV. #3 - Phil 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.

A. Human Nature, Taught Nature

1. I - feeling communication - "I feel…"

2. seek to advance self and enjoy the glory of their success

3. Not me

a) work - they add a new project - I can’t I already have too mch

b) home - take out the trash - I watching TV

B. Fighting Human Nature

1. Putting others before ourselves

a) Radio Quote - Past week start crying - explaining to her child - because of the bad men in the world…how when so many are helping

b) Americans bad rap

(1) this past week

(2) 200 mil

2. Takes effort - conscious awareness

C. Christian Guide for decision making and handling of disharmony

1. imagine

a) home

(1) children/teens

(2) parents/husbands/wives

b) work

c) church

d) nation - war

2. doesn’t mean we are always nicey, nice - do what the other person wants - consider them, their needs

a) fights/arguments - mostly about what we want

b) by the way come back next Sunday - that’s my sermon next week - How to get what you want

c) not an exclusion of self but a WWJD

V. 4th Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

A. Context

1. Birth narrative

a) angel talking to mary

b) telling her she is to become pregnant with God’s son

2. how much more impossible can you get

a) than a pregnant virgin

b) than man who is - God’s son

c) than God- Jesus - holy spirit as one - trinity

B. Christian faith is believing For with God nothing shall be impossible

1. Saying it and Believing it - two different things

2. Actions

3. Trust It

4. freedom to live it

C. Do you believe God can…

1. look out for you and your family

2. find you a job

3. care for you

4. take care of you

5. financially care

D. Examples

1. Me

2. This church - face financial woes - about to close

3. The disaster - make something good out of it

VI. Closing

A. Four Nothings -

1. not that the bible tells us nothing about how to live our lives

2. but in the nothings God tells us how live abundantly

a) not to worry about anything,

b) but don’t be complacent

c) thinking of other

d) knowing that everything is possible with God

B. Most sermons end in nothing

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