Summary: Exegetical, expository, evangelistic look at one part of the life in Christ: witnessing.

One of the greatest joys I know of is witnessing to a lost person. Greater than that is when you get to lead someone to faith in Jesus. Nothing is greater than that: when you recognize the eternal impact of soul winning.

1) My Food is Doing God’s Will: NAS “accomplish,” AV “finish.” Gospel of John repeats the idea that Jesus was doing the will of God, who had sent him for that purpose.

· My food is to do the work of God and finish his work.

· What is the work of God? The will of God is linked with the work of God, but it’s different for each person as you work out your salvation. If we’re doing the work of God, then what are we doing?

· What had Jesus just been doing that was so very satisfying to Him? What could take the place of food to a travel weary man? Witnessing to the lost about salvation.

2) Four months until harvest: Between the last planting and the first harvest were four months where nothing else could be done for the crops. It was a time of relative idleness.

· “You say,” apparently a common saying: “nothing we can do now.” “But I say to you, lift up your eyes.” 12X in the Old Testament, but only here in the New Testament. Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel were told to lift up their eyes to behold what God was doing or would do for them.

· Have you gotten the vision of lost neighbors, and friends, and family that need to know Jesus? Lift up your eyes for the harvest is not in 4 years, not in 4 months. NOW!

· The crops have been planted, someone has already done that work. We may enter into their labor as we bring that harvest in. What good is it to plant and water but never go out to bring the harvest in? It is a waste.

3) Many Samaritains believed: Why did they believe?

· Because of what the woman at the well had told them.

· Why did the woman at the well believe? Because Jesus worked with her to tell her about salvation.

· Why did Jesus tell this foreign woman, a sinful woman about salvation? Jesus was doing the work of God.

. "Many" believed, but not "all."

INVITATION: The Savior of the World: The Samaratains said that Jesus is the savior of the world. Is Jesus your savior?

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