Summary: Many people begin to believe God for something but, just before their answer comes they quit believing. However success comes by standing firm on God's Word.

Now is not the Time to Quit.

Eph. 6: 13, 14

Dr. Amen Howard.

If you quit standing on the word and give up, what are you going to gain? But if you keep going on what have you to loose? That is the way I look at things.

I don't believe in quitting, and my friend, if other people have stood on God's word and became a success in life for God, you can become a HERO for God too.

But what you archive both NATURALLY and SPIRITUALL is up to you. People may try to you tell that is TOO LATE for you to succeed in LIFE but it is NEVER too LATE with God.

Some of your PLANS and DREAMS may be burried amidst MISTAKES you've made, but Jesus is the answer for all. Jesus is the ONE who takes what you MESSED up and turns it into something good.

You don't have to HANG your head because of something you did in the PAST instead, thank God for Jesus the RESTORER. When you fall, He will PICK you and brush you off so to speak.

He will FORGIVE you and say it's going to be ALRIGHT my CHILD, now go and live for me and do not condemn yourself. Thank for Jesus and His restoration POWER. He can take all God has given you....that which you've le LIE DORMANT nad RESURRECT it into a FLAME burning bright.

And that FLAME will be what you need to acomplish GREAT things in your life, or your JOB, your MARRIAGE, in your, FINANCES, in your PROMOTION, in your COMMUNITY, in your HOME, for your CHILDREN, and where ever you GO.

No matter what you've been through or what you're facing today. DON'T QUIT MY FRIEND.

When are in FAITH, you're are on the brink of a MIRACLE.

There are many example in the bible of MEN and WOMEN who wouldn't QUIT in the faceFACE OBSTACLE, they stood their ground in Faith and recieved their miracles.

Matt. 15: 3-12. We find the story of the Cananite woman who came to Jesus asking Him to HEAL her demon-possessed DAUGHTER-Jesus told her- IT's right to take the CHILDREN's bread and GIVE to the DOGs.

Right the woman could have given up and walked away, but if she had done that, she would have been QUITTING on the brink of her MIRACLE. Instead she PERSISTED and said ; EVEN the dogs eat the CRUMBS that fall from the master's table.

Jesus marvelled her Faith and HEALED her DAUTTHER. Matt. 15: 22-28.

In Mark 2 you can read story of the paralytic man who brought to Jesus by his 4 FRIENDS and they couldn't get into the HOUSE where Jesus was because of the CROWD, but they didn't QUIT on the BRINK of MIRACLE. And Jesus HEALED HIM.

Friend Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, Today, and forever Heb. 12: 8. He said I am the Lord I change not. Mal. 3: 6. YOU may have been standing for SOMETHING, and you THINK is never going to HAPPEN, don't QUIT on the BRINK of your MIRACLE. PAY DAY may not be tomorrow, and it may be the next day, but PAYDAY is coming. Jesus is your payday, be like BLIND BARTMAEUS who sad on the ground and listened to the CROWD TELLING HIM to quiet, HE would have been BLIND the REST of his LIFE.

But he DEFIED the CROWD and PERSISTED in faith. He STOOD and CRIED, Jesus son of David HAVE MERCY on me and HE WAS HEALED. (Mark 10:46-52).

Tell somebody there is no GOD as BIG as my GOD. When the DEVIL raises his HEAD and tries anything, TELL him there is no GOD AS BIG AS MINE, I have a VERY Big GOD WHO is always by my Side.

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