Summary: A sense of Urgency


A sense of urgency

Jude 1:24-25

Now – during a time of hatred

Now during the time where children disrespect their parents and teachers

Now during a period where drugs run rampant in our community

Now – a sense of urgency.

Now – where pulpit leaders molest our children

Now when so called Christians with pious attitudes pass judgements and turn away folk at the door

Now when preachers sugar coat the gospel to cover their own multitudes of sin.

Now a sense of urgency

Now in a time when mothers don’t encourage their daughters not to lay with Jack & John because they are laying with Paul and Simon

Now in a time where fathers don’t teach making babies don’t make you a man, because the have 15 babies with 15 different mamma’s and 3 more on the way.

Now in a time where prejudices and bigotry is overlooked as long as it doesn’t effect my household

Now in a time where powers in authority positions have no compassion for those with no money and no hope.

Now is a time of urgency

JUDE ---

Choose ye this day

Seek the Lord while you have time

Time out for fence straddelers

Jude – ½ brother of Jesus

Jude – single chapter book consisting of 25 verses.

The reason Jude wrote the letter –

Concern about the people’s salvation

Now to the one who is able to keep you from falling & to present you without in front of our glorious God – embedding in us joy. Our God – Our Savior – who is wise – and has all glory – rule – and power –

Now - at this moment when joy is needed

here and now when equality seems fleeting

immediately when peace appears evasive

turn to the one who is able to keep you from falling

instantaneously he can relieve your stress and replace it with peace that surpasses all understaning

here and now he can give you joy to sustain you in the midnight hour

now to the one who is able


God sent his son so we could be reconciled now

God gave us a savior so we could be redeemed now

Jesus died so that we could have a chance for life now

Jesus was convicted so now someone could be converted

Jesus asked for forgivess so we could be forgiven now

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