Summary: Through no effort or work on our part, we have been chosen and blessed.

Number One Draft Choice

Well, here we are in the New Year. New Year’s resolutions, the end of our breaks from school and work, and the end of the College Football Bowl games marathon. How many here watched any of the bowl games offered this year? Did anyone get burnt out watching too much football?

I caught bits and pieces of games throughout the past few weeks. Yes, I said weeks. Does anyone know how many college bowl games are played? Starting with the New Orleans Bowl on Dec. 18th thru the Rose Bowl on Jan. 3rd, you have the option of watching 25 bowl games, 5 on New Year’s Eve and 6 more on New Year’s Day!

I remember as a kid there were 5, maybe 6 total! Now they have the GMAC Bowl, the Jeep Seattle Bowl, the Gallery Furniture.Com Bowl, the Motor City Bowl, the Humanitarian Bowl, just to name a few. A little bit of overkill, if you ask me.

On the other hand, if we look at these games from the perspective of the college seniors playing in them, all these extra games give them one more chance to impress the pro scouts. You see, some of these kids want to go on to play professional football and if they play well enough, they could be CHOSEN in the draft this summer.

The scouts have been watching these seniors for years, charting their progress, their times in the 40 yard dash, how much they can bench-press, how far they can throw the ball, how many sacks they had, etc. If the numbers are right, some pro team might CHOOSE them to become part of the team.

It all depends upon the player, his effort, his desire, and, of course, how much money he is willing to accept in return for his being a part of the team. And if a player has an outstanding game in one of these bowl games that would increase his value and he might move up in the draft.

So, on draft day this summer, representatives from all of the teams in the NFL will gather will all of their numbers, their number crunchers, their personnel for judging talent, all of their stat sheets, and stacks and stacks of papers on each player, and start CHOOSING the players they want to draft for their team. The BEST player out all the hundreds of players available will be the NUMBER ONE DRAFT CHOICE. Maybe he had more passing yardage, or led his teams to the most victories, or whatever.

But on the results of HIS effort and work, based on what HE did, he will be judged worthy to be the number one draft choice. Maybe he will justify his ranking, maybe not. We’ve seen quite a few #1 busts the past few years. Ones who didn’t quite live up to their numbers or hype.

You may not realize it, but life is a lot like college football and these bowl games. We’re striving toward playing in the “big leagues”, better known as heaven. We want to be CHOSEN to play on that team. Well, I’ve got good news for you! The draft has already been held and you have been chosen. A long time ago, before, as we read in Genesis 1:1, God created the heavens and earth, He had a draft. God had his clipboard with all of our stats on them. He’s looking them over, checking the game tapes, and finally makes His decision.

GOD: “Mmm, (name), works too long at the office, plays too much golf, a sinner. I want him on my team. He’s my number one draft choice.

Now let’s see, (name), oh yeah, only comes to church at Easter and Christmas, yells at her kids, another sinner. I want her on my team. She’s my number one draft choice. Okay, (name), oho, drives way too fast, eats some of the grapes before paying for them, ANOTHER sinner. I want her on my team. She’s my number one draft choice. Mm,(name), oh boy, doesn’t rewind the video tapes before returning them, hides some of the cookies for himself, another sinner. I want him on my team. He’s my number one draft choice.

You see, each one of us is God’s number one draft choice. God drafted us all as the FIRST pick in the 1st round. Unlike those college football players, we can’t do ANYTHING to improve our ranking on draft day. Actually, even though we’re not even worthy to BE drafted, God made each one of us His number one draft choice. Unlike those college players, God CHOSE us in spite of our stat sheets.

We, as Presbyterians, believe we are chosen, which leads to some interesting discussions with people of other beliefs. I can’t tell you how many people, upon hearing I’m a Presbyterian, give this knowing look and an, “Oh, yeah. You’re the ones who believe in that “being chosen”, predestination stuff.” So I have to explain to them that predestination is NOT “Presbyterian” doctrine. It is a BIBLICAL doctrine. That is our scripture for today.

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David Meister

commented on Jul 11, 2015

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