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Summary: Mary Magdalene would be the very first person that Christ choose to reveal himself to on that great day of resurrection morning. This could not have been by coincidence.

Title: "Number One Saint"


Mary Magdalene would be the very first person that Christ choose to reveal himself to on that great day of resurrection morning. This could not have been by coincidence. Jesus could have revealed himself to any number of his disciples, but why Mary. How did she get to be chosen as the "Number One Saint" for this occasion?

Why Mary Got to be Number One...

1. Because Mary loved Jesus much.

(Luke 7:47 (quickview)  KJV) Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

Jesus came to the defense of Mary when she had been criticized by the Pharisees at the time when she was worshipfully washing the feet of Jesus. In Luke 7:47 (quickview) , Jesus stated that Mary loved him much because she had been forgiven of so much. Remember, it was Mary Magdalene out of whom Jesus had cast seven demons.

How do we see her great love for Christ following the resurrection?

1. She came.

There were others ladies that came with her to the tomb on Easter Morning. Each of these ladies had to overcome a host of fears to attend.

I am thankful for those in my congregation that overcome the excuses that others give for not coming to Church each Sunday morning.

2. She came back.

After giving the announcement to disciples that Christ was no longer in the tomb, she was the only lady to return to the sepulchre following after Peter and John, who were running to the tomb.

This reminds me of those in my congregation who go the second mile and attend the Evening service of our Church. Sunday is the Lord?s Day all day long!

3. She stayed.

After Peter and John surveyed the tomb, they left to return to their homes. Mary had no home to go home to. Christ had become her life. She tarried at the cemetery.

This reminds me the those in our Church family who return to the Church for the midweek prayer service. It is our time of prayer together as we gather around the altar of the Church for an intimate time of prayer.

2. Jesus loved Mary much.

Thus far, we have talked at length concerning the great love that Mary had for Christ. We must remember that the real truth of the story is the great love that Christ had for Mary. Remember that she was a notable sinner. Jesus had cast seven demons out of her!

I will not try to give a long list of reasons of why I think that Jesus loved Mary. I will only point to the cross. The cross is the greatest proof of God?s love for sinners!

3. You too, can be loved by Jesus.

Mary was told to take the message of his death, burial, and of his resurrection to others. You too, can be a "Number One Saint." May the example of Mary’s affection for Christ, be a testimony to you.

Mary would not leave the altar of the tomb, until Christ had removed her burden, and reassigned her heart with the hope of his resurrection and life. I want to encourage others to gather around the altar of our Church, and to do the same!

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