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Summary: What a daunting responsibility is laid on the voter.Our country is in recession and the world is in depression and nearing financial collapse. Nations are raising swords against one another and super powers are restless nearly inviting another world war

Of Kings and Nations

Revelation 19:15-16

1 Samuel 8

This past Friday my wife and I took our grandchildren to a Corn Field Maze. It's a fun way to spend a fall afternoon. We got into the maze and I soon realized that it was just like going into the voting booth. It seemed no matter which way I went I ended up at a dead end. We eventually made it out as my 4 year old grandson led the way.

But politics is not child's play and we should take our right to vote seriously. We enjoy the freedom to choose our leaders while people in other countries can not.

Still I have to ask you have you had enough of phone calls and T.V. commercials regarding politics?

I know I have.

Strange the lengths that some political parties will go to get your support.

I’ve never received so many personal letters from politicians in my life. But when I opened them I discovered they were not personal at all just a form letter. So much for rubbing elbows with the high and mighty.

But Saints I want to tell you of some things the Bible has to say about being governed as a people.

There is a lot in the Bible that today’s politicians should consider. Sadly many will not crack the cover open.

But those who have, have learned some vital truths concerning leadership, justice, and serving their fellow man.

Such was the case for Samuel in 1 Samuel 8

We see here a political story that could just as easily fit into our present day. The people are anxious to be like everyone else.

The people are tired of being led by God and God’s appointed leaders. They wanted change. They said they wanted to be like other nations.

What a shame that they failed to realize how they had been set apart as a Royal Nation a Chosen Nation of the Living God. That it seems was not enough.

Now it’s our turn in Canada with a National Election tomorrow. The people here want change too but have they truly thought out the consequences?

What a daunting responsibility is laid on the voter.

Our country is in recession and the world is in depression and nearing financial collapse. Nations are raising swords against one another and super powers are restless nearly inviting another world war. So who shall we put in charge of our nation’s future tomorrow?

It won’t be long before we know but as we all know whatever the outcome we will have to live with it.

When the people of God cried out for a King to rule over them in 1 Samuel 8:6 God listened. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have to let a child make a bad decision in order for them to learn a good lesson?

Well this was one of those times for Israel.

God the Father let them have their way but first He laid out the consequences for them.

#1. He (the King) will take your sons from you and use them in his armies

#2. Some he will put to work in the fields

#3. Some he will put to work building the weapons of war

#4. This King will also take your daughters and put them to work as he likes

#5. This King will take the best of your fields & lands for his own friends

#6. He will take a tenth of everything you have for his officials

#7. When you cry out to the Lord because of this you will not be heard.

Saints when we put men or women over us as our leaders we put our trust in man instead of the living God.

Our societies are not the model that God had intended. God would rather we follow Him as our King but men have chosen to follow other fallen men and women.

I read a fascinating book while on my way to Africa in 2009. The book was called “The State of Africa” by Martin Meredith.

In it he detailed the many kinds of governments that were used in Africa for centuries as well as the opportunistic invaders of Europe setting up rule and oppressing that continent in order to steal its wealth, human beings and natural resources.

What stood out is that no matter who formed a government be it African nationalists or European conquerors things eventually fell apart.

There were small successes but like Israel they were short lived. Did you know that Ethiopia was once the bread basket of Africa when it was ruled by a benevolent dictator?

It seems that some countries demand a strong hand in order to be successful. All in all every conceivable type of government has existed at one time or another on that continent. Monarchy, dictatorship, democracy, communism, socialism, and even theocracies or tribal rule.

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