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Mark 9:43-50 How many times have we heard some one say "Oh hell no"? Their response is one that will make any born again Christian cringe at the very sound of those words. Just the mention of Hell will bring us to the remberance of that place not one person wants to go to when they die.

Hell is a very real place spoken of by Jesus in Mark 9.

Jesus talks about our issues in living that will seperate us from God and cause us to send ourselves to Hell.

1. If you have sin in your life and you know it is continually causing you to go back and revisit that sinful place over and over, you need to cut it off. Jesus said cut off your hand or foot to stop the sinful activity you are engaging in and defiling your body which is the Temple of the Holy Spirit!

2. Cut off that part of the body is an extreme measure not to be taken literally but spiritually for your awareness of sin and a need to repent of your sin imeadiately! Stop sinning or you are going to end up in sin.

3. Hell has a fire that is never quenched. It never stops burning, and there is no water to put it out. As a matter of fact, there isn

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