Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Its time for the church to start telling the Good News!

Oh That Men Would Praise The Lord

Text: Psalms 107:1-8


Does anyone have anything at all for which to be thankful? We hear so much negativity, bad news, wars and strife. Our news is replete with the bad. I think its time for the church to start telling the Good News! I want to be the first, the loudest and the most enthusiastic.

(Idea: Have three to five individuals who really have some exciting news (positive) stand or take the platform and give a brief “Praise Report”.)

I. Why should we praise the Lord?

A. We should praise Him because He is Good (v1)

1. David was a man of praise because he had learned of God’s goodness.

a. It was a good God who gave David victory over the lion and bear while tending his father’s sheep.

b. It was a good God who gave David victory over Goliath.

c. It was a good God who protected David from King Saul.

d. It was a good God who established David as ruler over Israel.

e. It was a good God who gave David forgiveness when He committed sin.

2. David’s praise came from a thankful heart for the One who had blessed him so greatly.

B. We should praise Him because we are redeemed (v2)

1. Once we were in the enemy’s territory

a. We were once in the enemy’s hands.

1. Romans 6:16 “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey.”

2. Romans 6:20 “For when ye were servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.”

a. What are these scriptures telling us?

1. When you’re in the enemy’s hand, you are slave to sin.

2. You are bound to obey your master.

a. The sad reality is that your master won’t pay the consequences of sin – you will. (Romans 6:23)

2. Second, when in the hand of the enemy one is subject to his tactics.

a. One of the destructive tactics he uses today is rebellion.

b. He used this tactic on Israel and it worked, so he’s revived it again and is now using it in the church.

1. First, He employs rebellion against the Word.

a. He inciting rebellion against the Word then.

b. Aaron, a leader in Israel was rejected from entering the promised land in Numbers 20:24 because of rebellion against the Word.

c. We see it happening in Christendom today.

2. Too, he uses the tactic of rebellion against God principles.

a. God’s plan for Israel was apparent and articulated.

1. He established them to be a ensign to all nations.

2. But they continually rebelled.

a. In Numbers 2:2 “God commanded that they fly an ensign or standard identifying them with their father’s house.

b. What a deep spiritual application! It denoted they were His!

c. Is your flag flying?

d. What do others read on your flag? What does the world read?

e. Does it say, I’m one of my Father’s Children?” Or does it denounce kinship?

3. Many today are rebelling against God’s principles.

a. They name the name of Christ but rebel against being the light.

b. But, God’s principles haven’t changed.

c. Does the ensign over our life read, Christ is my all?

-He’s my heart

-He’s my will

-He’s my talk

-He’s my walk

-He’s my dress

-He’s my appearance

-He’s my conduct

d. Your ensign must read “SOLD TO HIM”

4. I’m afraid the ensigns we see flying on so many homes are that of “REBEL”.

a. “Sure, I’ll name the name of Christ, but I’ll live the way I want.”

b. And live they will, but the flag tells the tale both in this life and the life to come.

3. Third, satan uses the tactic of rebellion against the practice of Godly living.

a. Many have turned from the rudiments of Christian living.

1. The national average for prayer is 3 minutes among Christians.

2. And, fasting is almost nonexistent.

3. Only a small minority of believers read God’s Word. Much less study it’s truths.

4. Very few have ever lead anyone to faith in Christ.

b. Rebellion was the norm in Israel’s day and yet David was thankful for redemption from the hand of the enemy.

II. Why should we Praise the Lord?

A. “For He satisfieth the longing soul and filleth the hungry soul with goodness”. Just who are these people to whom God made this promise?

1. Those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death – bound in affliction and iron.

a. David was talking about Israel. But, what brought them to this place?

1. They rebelled against God’s Word and contemned (or scorned) His counsel.

2. Even in their waywardness, God gave them hope if they would but turn to Him.

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