Summary: The hour of deliverance

"What and hour"

John 2: 1-4

Jesus makes the statement to his mother, "mine hour is not yet come". He was speaking not of time and moments but more of an event. He was referencing the event of his crucifixion. The time when the ultimate price would be paid for lost Humanity to be redeemed back to their creator.

The Life of Jesus forms of beautiful tapestry interwoven with strands of humanity and divinity. It is hard calculate the Hallmark moments of his ministry. Moments with the master when blind eyes were opened, bread and fish was multiplied, crippled legs were healed, deaf ears were unstopped, and the dead were raised to life again. These strands, woven into the tapestry of his life, make up the beautiful and colorful moments with the master. Though these are some of the mightiest of the Masters moments, the weren't "the cause for which he came" (Jon 17:37)

Jesus was a healer a teacher and much more. He said in John 12:27 "for this cause came I unto this hour". His primary reason for coming was the saving of souls. He laid aside his glory, his majesty, his kingly robes, and walked down the stairs of time to be born from the womb of a virgin. To live as a man and die as a sinner for souls to be saved. Oh what an hour!!

John 4: 21&23 he tells the woman at the well of an hour that was coming. A time when men will not worship in the temple but they'll worship in Spirit because they have been redeemed.

John 5: 25&28 he tells of an hour that the dead will hear Him. Not only the dead in the Graves but the dead in trespasses and sins. They will hear the voice of a risen Lord.

John 7:30

John 8:20 men try to take Jesus but "his hour want not yet come". It wasn't time for the defining thread to be woven in to the flag of Victory.

John 12: 23&27 he speaks now saying "the hour is come". The Divine hand threads the golden needle and begis to weave the threads of hope and deliverance!

John 13:1 he "knew that the hour was come". It is time for him to begin the final steps of his earthly journey. Already the flag of Victory for the soul of men can be seen taking shape as the events play out.

John 17:1 he prays the last prayer for those God had given him. "The hour is come" weave the last remaining threads into this tapestry. The most powerful event in history is unfolding! For this cause! For this hour! Oh what an hour!! Hope springs, deliverance comes, love defined, salvation has come.

The betrayal, the scourging, the beating, the death....Oh what an hour! He who knew no sin has been made sin. He was was guiltless has died as though he was guilty. He has personified love. Oh what an hour.

From the cross of Calvary waves the flag of Salvation. John 19:30 "it is finished". The hour had come and was fulfilled. The cross became the flagpole where the flag of hope would ever wave. Woven by the hands of God with threads of love for "whosoever will".

Oh what an hour!!!

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