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Summary: Don’t look back on that old life of yours it will bring you great harm.

Lot’s Living Large.

In our Scripture this morning the account of Sodom and Gomorra a fantastic story. One that always struck me as….kind of, unusual -Angels visiting, Lives threatened, Lot gets away by the skin of his teeth

and this curious thing of his wife (who is never named) turning into a pillar of salt.

You know, it is stories like these that get the Bible banned in school libraries. The Bible doesn’t white wash things. It addresses real issues – things we would rather…not talk about. Interesting, fascinating – but does it mean anything for us in the modern world? Sure thing . It is all about faith, or lack of it. Trust in the things of God, r than in lifestyle.

Hope, that God is right in the end.

Today we have seen a comical look at this story, but it has serious implications on how we understand who God is and how we live out our faith – let’s take a look at this wonderful passage.

For years some said, this has to be a fairy tail, a fter all, there is no Sodom, there is no Gomorra. Well a few years ago – they found them – twin cities, under the dead sea, destruction pretty much matching what we read today.

What Lot doing there? Chapter 13 Abraham & Lot separate. Herdsman – each had own flocks, land difficult to support both. Abraham gives Lot the choice. He picks Sodom and Gomorra. Very fertile land...he’s thinking town life, nice weather – especially in winter, it would make a good retirement village. Pretty easy life. Lot is living large. Not only a sweet place to live but he has become politically powerful. We see him sitting at the gate of the city (verse 1) which means he has influence perhaps even makes judgments.

Let’s make one thing clear upfront – this is not a scripture about hospitality. Abraham offered hospitality so he was blessed. Sodom did not so they were cursed - this is what some folks try to throw at us. Lot was very hospitable. To say that this is about hospitality isto really miss the point of what is happening and makes light of what it is really about and is just lousy biblical interpretation. This is about faith, trust and hope…..amid accepted sinful lifestyles, a lot like America.

Lot is living in a very permissive society and enjoying life. Sound familiar? He probably gets along well with everyone. He lives in a beautiful area, with reat weather - probably lives in shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Everything is plentiful and the people of the town seem to like and respect him. Let’s not forget Chapter 14. Sodom & Gomorra are attacked. Women and children, some men taken are away

along with Lot. Uncle Abraham – gets them back. Lot has to have a reputation.

We Can’t Control Those Around Us – Can We?

Now let’s be fair to Lot. Chances are if given the choice he was given. Many of us would choose the same way he did. Lot is who he is, even if those around him are living….alternative lifestyles. The Scripture describes the people as wicked, really meaning that their lives were overtaken by sin. When we think wicked we probably think lurking, nasty, horrible people. You know them when you see them. But that is not necessarily so. We might describe them differently today:Sexually addicted, Abusive in relationships, Anarchist, Without a conscience.. Maybe….. they have their own sense of morality. Perhaps they might have a “question authority” bumper sticker on their chariot. But all that doesn’t mean they weren’t pleasant to get along with. Fun at times even loyal and helpful.

People who are abusive in relationships, hurt their spouse, damage their children and most of the time people never suspect it – do they?

BTK Killer – in Wichita. He was a Coach, a Deacon in the church. He is described as Very “faithful”, Clean, Good to his family. Who would suspect? But – all these years, he was evil. NT – bound to his sin, a slave to it.

You have to wonder, how much did Lot suspect? How much did Lot know? He knew something. When the angels arrive he pleads with them not to stay outside (verse 3). I’ve lived in places like that. That’s what you did then, camp in the square. Sodom probably wasn’t large enough to have an inn plus there weren’t many at that time. So folks just camped where there was space.

Then the weirdness begins (verse 5). Gen. 19:5 They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”

I don’t care how you cut it – these are not nice men. What is amazing is that they are very upfront about it. Where are the police? Where are the laws? And Lot is a respected citizen – what about those who are everyday folks? Here is clear evidence that either this is accepted behavior or people are going to look the other way.

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