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Summary: exposition on Matt ch 20v17-34


Matthew 20 v. 17 - 34 in this portion we see :-

1. The Lord’s Direction v. 17 "going up to Jerusalem" 14 miles from Jericho

2. The lord’s Dedication is seen in :-

where He went - "to Jerusalem", when He went - at 33 years old, why He went - to be crucified - "to lay down His life a ransom for many"

Dedication to the Father - He went knowingly v. 19 knowing what awaited Him there

Dedication to the world - He went willingly - "that the world through Him might be saved"

Dedication to the sinner - He went personally - to pay the price for our sins

3. The Lord’s Declaration v. 18 His complete sufferings were predicted,

he would be :-

(a) Betrayed v. 18 - the suffering of a broken heart by the disloyalty of His friends

(b) Condemned to death v. 18 - the suffering of injustice by the malice of His foes which included being

(c) Mocked by v. 19 - the suffering of indignity, humility and insult

(d) Scourged v. 19 - the suffering of physical pain

(e) Crucified v. 19 - the suffering of death - "by dying to destroy the one who had the power of death, that is the devil." And finally :-

(f) Resurrected v. 19 - the solace of life beyond death, triumph beyond defeat, and crown beyond cross, by the hand of His Father

4. The Lord’s Discipline v. 20 - 28 - against human ambition Note:-

(a) Who came v. 20 "the mother of James and John" with her sons

(b) When they came v. 20 "then" on hearing of the crucifixion etc.

(c) Why they came v. 21 for promotion in the kingdom

(d) What they got for coming -

He corrected them v. 22 "ye know not what ye ask"

He challenged them v. 22 "are ye able to follow me? "- we are able

He counselled them v. 23 - that promotion is of the Father v. 23, promotion is through the Son v. 28, "a ransom", and promotion is through humility v. 27 "your servant"

5. The Lord’s Deliverance v. 29 - 34 of the two blind men

(a) The crowd v. 29 "a great multitude followed Him"

(b) The cry v. 30 - " have mercy on us, O lord thou son of David." It was :-

A helpless cry - two blind men, sitting as Jesus passed by.

A humble cry v. 30 "have mercy"

A hopeful cry "O Lord, thou Son of David"

A heart-felt cry v. 31 "they cried the more" - why?

(1) Their condition - they blind

(2) Their conviction - they had only one opportunity of healing

(3) Their conclusion - if we miss it now, we’ll miss it forever - the Lord’s last time in Jericho.

A heeded cry v. 32 "and Jesus stood still"

(c) The consequence v. 32 "and Jesus stood still"

Notice here the :-

Lord’s response - he stood still, despite the crowd, the crush, and the cross.

Lord’s request v. 32 "what will ye?" it was personal "ye", practical "what?", and powerful "that I shall do unto you,"

Lord’s reply v. 33 "that our eyes may be opened" it was - simple, sincere,and significant.

Lord’s release v. 34 -it was motivated by love, "compassion", completed by touch, vindicated by sight, and exemplified by service "they followed Him"

These men were - partners in darkness v. 30, in discouragement v. 31, in determination v. 31, and in discipleship v. 34 "they followed Him"

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