Summary: Before we came to know the Lord we were worried, upset, distracted,out of fellowship with Him and just sit around and did nothing. But Once You really know the Lord...

: God is a good. And it is good to be in the presence of a loving and merciful God. I just want to thank Him for allowing us to come together once again and it is not for a sad occasion. For many time, many people only come together is at a funeral. Well church we are not here today to funeralize our Lord we are here today to celebrate and remember what He has done for us. So let us praise and worship Him this morning in spirit and in truth.

Read text: John 12: 1-3

Look again at the 2 & # verses:

State subject: Once you really know the Lord

Before we came to know the Lord, we all were as Lazarus, Martha, and Mary once were. Let us look at the condition of these friends of Jesus when we were first introduced to them. Well in Luke, the 10th chapter we are told about Martha. Luke tells us that even though Martha had welcomed Jesus into her house, yet she was worried and upset about many things. He tells us that Martha was distracted with much serving. Now church the problem that Martha had was not with her desire to serve the Lord, but the problem was that she was so caught up in the serving that she had gotten distracted, in other words she was unable to focus on the One she was to serve. And this only lead to more problems. . For the scripture tells us that not only was Martha preoccupied but she was also feeling sorry for herself- For she began to complain and say “Lord don’t you care that my sister has left me to serve alone?” Church anytime we do not put Jesus first in our life we can expect to have more problems. For Jesus makes it plain that we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Well, Church, the problem many of us face this morning is we want to put everybody and everything before God and therefore, we find ourselves much like Martha was in that we began feeling sorry for ourselves and feel that no one cares not even Jesus.

Another problem Martha had was that she was demanding. Martha approached Jesus and began to tell Him what to do, instead of letting the Lord tell her what to do. For Luke says she went to Jesus and demanded that He, Jesus the One who woke her up, she demanded that He tell her sister Mary to get up and get in the kitchen to help her. Church many time we have been so caught up in what we wanted to do and what we want others to do instead of focusing on what God was wanting to do through us and with us. Many times, we are so caught up in what we want until; we do not allow God to use us. Many time we will not allow God’s will to be done in our life. Therefore, we go to God demanding that He bless us and that He do it right now. We go to God demanding that He change our husbands and that He do it right now. We go to God saying Lord give me a new job and do it right now. We go to God saying Lord heal me and do it right now.

Church we need to realize that God may not always come when we want Him to, however, I want you to know He is an on time God. Some time we need to just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. We need to stand still and let the Lord fight our battles. We need to just look to the hill which cometh our help, knowing that all our help comes from the Lord.

For it is better to sit at Jesus feet and listen to His words than to be so caught up in the cares of this world and not have time for Him. Keep my mind clear Holy Ghost

Now, the next time we meet Martha is in the 11th chapter of John where we learn that their brother Lazarus has taken ill and she and Mary sends for Jesus. however he tells us that Martha had a problem in that she was fault finding and argumentative. For when Jesus arrived after Lazarus had died, Martha went to Jesus and the first thing she said was “Lord if you had been here, instead of saying thank you Lord for coming, at last now that you are here I know that everything is going to be alright.

And not only that but once the Lord told Martha that Lazarus would live again she wants to argue with the Lord, and say I know he will in the resurrection. Jesus tells her I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And who ever lives and believes in Me shall never die. (Stop)

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