Summary: We become part of God’s family, he is our Daddy. This sermon takes a look at how that all works

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Galatians 3:26-4:7

Becoming One Big Happy Family


A. I am one of the luckiest people I have meant.

B. I have everything

C. One of the ways that I am lucky is that I have a family who I get to see often

D. Most of you know that most every week after Church that Heather and I go to my Parents and so Do Phil and Claire and Jeremy and whoever else might be around

E. That is really nice, I never dreamed that we would be able to do that, I never thought that we would all live close enough to do that

F. But we do, and I am taking full advantage of it

G. In our family we have a special bond, and it is a great think

H. As members of God’s family we also share a special bond

I. So what exactly is it that binds us together?

J. What do we have in common as sons and Daughters of God?

K. There are three important things that Paul notes about our common heritage

a. Our parent

b. Our Priority

c. Our Promise

I. Parent

A. Explanation

1. Question. What is the most obvious thing that brothers and sisters always share?

2. We have the same parents

3. Spiritually speaking we are all sons and daughters of God

4. (Read Vs. 26) You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus,

5. Now it is a popular notion that everyone is that we are all brother and sisters universally

6. But look at the verse we do not become brother and sister until what? Until there is faith in Christ Jesus.

7. If you have put your faith in what Jesus Christ did for you on that cross, then you are my brother or sister, if you haven’t there still is hope!

8. Because of being adopted by our Loving Heavenly Father we love our “Daddy”

9. (Read 4:6) Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, "Abba, Father."

10. Now I feel like I need to mention talk about this concept more

11. Loving our parents is a natural thing.

12. So natural that earthly parents who do not deserve the love that their child gives them receives that love because children are incapable of not loving them

13. Some of you probably did not have the worlds greatest father

14. Some of you were (and quite possibility still are) hurt by your father

15. So to think of God as “Daddy” Just does not work, the concept is not there

B. Illustration

1. The Author Gorge MacDonald says this “You must interpret the word by all that you have missed in life. All that human tenderness can give or desire in the nearness and readiness of love, all the infinitely more must be true of the perfect Father – of the maker of father hood”

2. Take all that pain all the let down that you experienced, and know that God – the Father of all – is infinitely more then that let down

3. Take a look at Verse 27 (Read 27) for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.

4. The phrase that I want to key in on is “clothed yourself with Christ”

5. What that literally means is to become like Christ, to walk in Christ shoes

C. Application

1. Let’s Apply this to our lives

2. There is a phrase that sometimes bugs me. The Phrase is “You are a lot like your Father”

3. Argh. There are some areas I do not want to be like my father

a) I want to be more athletic, and I am, then my father

b) Another area is organization. My dad if he were here and you asked him about his origination skills he would say he doesn’t have them

(1) I have more organization skills then he does

4. However, There are certain areas that I do want to be like my dad

5. Areas like showing the fruit of the Spirit. I strive to be like my Dad. I know that if I show the fruit of the Spirit it will please my Dad

6. Rest assured however, I want to be like the person my dad strives to be like, God

7. More then I want please my Earthly Dad, I want to please my heavenly Dad

8. How do we please our Heavenly Daddy?

a) By Having a relationship with Him (Talking, listening, just being with him)

b) By Doing that the things that will make Him happy (Serving others, Telling others about Him, Living a life worthy of the calling we have received)

c) By Giving Him Gifts. (This is where worship comes in, worship is more then singing, worship is about giving to God)

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