Summary: As Jesus deals with Satan’s temptations he proves that He is the only one fit to be the Messiah of mankind.

You know it used to be that when you went to choose a Bible that your biggest decision was the type of cover to get. Then with the arrival of some of the more modern versions, one had to decide what version and what cover to get. Recently I received a catalogue from Christian Book Distributors. In their one 60 page catalogue there were 14 pages of different Bibles.

By Gender -- Men’s Study Bible

Women are more spiritual - about 5 different Women’s Study Bibles

By age 6 or 7 Children’s Bibles

Twice that many teen Bibles

Senior’s Devotional Bible

Author Max Lucado

John MacArthur

Jack Hayford

Charles Swindoll

Race Hispanic

2 African-American

Doctrine Dispensational



3 different Prophecy Bibles

We are no longer people of the book. We are special interests groups in a market study. Our North American consumer mentality is even being catered to as we come to purchase a Bible. The publishers know that they will make a bigger profit if the notes in our Bibles conform to our special interests. Where did this start? How did we get to this state of affairs? Long process. But I think we in churches hastened the process. It used to be that the most important Question we asked in our churches was "What does this text mean?" Now the first and foremost question asked is what does this text mean to me? What do I get out of it? How does it apply? The result is that we sometimes are picking the application fruit from the tree, before we even know what the text has to say in its own right.

What has got me on this tirade?

Internet - struggling with the text... Came across a site where some pastors had posted sermons on the text of Luke 4.

3 steps to overcoming temptation

how to use Scripture to beat the devil

spiritual warfare - know your enemy the devil

Yes there is truth in each of these, but are they the real reason the Text was include in the inspired Word of God.

A. The context

Section is the introduction to Jesus ministry

4:14FF Jesus actively begins his ministry

3:1-20 Announcement by John the Baptist

3:21-22 Baptism - anointing for ministry

3:23-38 Genealogy - identifying his ministry with every man

finishes with ADAM right before Jesus’ temptation by Satan

Why? How did Adam fare when he was tempted?

Why would it be important for Jesus to be tempted by Satan before He begins his earthly ministry?

B. The Introduction to the Conflict

Luke 4:1-2

- two references to the Holy Spirit in v.1

- Divine will that Satan and Jesus come into confrontation

- joining battle

40 days - reference to Moses 40 days on Mount Sinai receiving the Old Covenant - all quotations from Deuteronomy - Originator of New Covenant

40 days of continual tempting - these three are just three from the end.

C. The Temptations Luke 4:3-12

Temptation #1 Luke 4:3-4

Did Satan think Jesus could do it?

Did Satan want Jesus to do it?

Why was it wrong?

Answer in Jesus answer

Deut 8:1-3

an issue of trust - God brought you out here - act or you’ll starve - man does not live by bread but by trusting God

a challenge to act apart from faithful dependence on God

- old lie - God doesn’t really have your best interest at heart

you better take things into your own hands

Temptation #2 Luke 4:5-8

- probably an oversell on the part of the devil

- offer to bypass God’s program

- in God’s program - Jesus will be King of kings by way of the cross

Satan offers to make him king of kings by a much less difficult route

What is the issue? Will Jesus offer allegiance to Satan in order to seize power now or will he retain allegiance to God despite the terrible cost in suffering?

Answer v 8 - allegiance to God alone

Deuteronomy 6:13-15

Temptation #3 Luke 4:9-12

Sneakiest - quotes Scripture substantially correctly

Psalm 91 - about God’s protection of the Messiah

First temptation - don’t trust God

Third - prove your faith heroically - put God’s Word to the test

- if you really believe - show me - test God’s promise to the limit

Jesus refuses

Deuteronomy 6:16

Exodus 17:1-7

Unbelief masquerading as faith - really saying - I don’t believe that you will take care of me so I am going to place you in a situation where you must take care of me on my terms.

Snake handlers

Jesus rests on God’s promises

D. The Conclusion Luke 4:13

done but not over

What’s the point?

Contrast with Adam - second Adam does not give in to temptation

Contrast with Israel - Israel fails the test after receiving the Old Covenant - fail to receive the promises - The Son passes the test and is able to bring the new covenant.

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