Summary: A Christmas Eve Message


2 Corinthians 9:6-15

INTRO: A sign in a local restaurant advertised a gift certificate as the ideal Christmas present. Their slogan was “One Gift Fits All.” The idea was that everyone needs a good meal at a good restaurant.

I didn’t buy a certificate. But being a preacher, I’m always on the prowl for a good sermon idea. So, I borrowed the slogan as the title for this sermon.

The Christmas story tells of God’s gift of His Son to save all people from sin and lostness. This gift truly fits all, for all need the be saved.

2 Corinthians 9:6-15 is filled with such words as cheerful, able, abound, increase, rich, thanksgiving, overflowing, generosity, surpassing, grace, and a host of excitement and power.



To whom does Paul say we are to give thanks? To God, of course. He is the One who is to receive all the credit and honor for all that verses 6-15 describe. God is mentioned almost a dozen times as the wellspring from whom all our ability to provide, to give thanks, and to be generous comes.

We have at our disposal all of God’s power and grace so we can effectively accomplish His good and perfect will (v. 8). Paul informed us how God brings all this to pass.

We have the greatest Christmas gift of all—Jesus, who came down from the Father. God has given us the grandest Christmas gifts of all—salvation and eternal life. These gifts show that God’s one gift fits all.

This Christmas, let’s remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas. In God’s eternal plan, faith, repentance, salvation, eternal life, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and Heaven are the things that matter most.


Praising God is something we not only must do, but also something we want to do; so much so that we cannot contain ourselves. What a privilege and joy it is to praise and thank God for His unspeakable gift.

In what way is this gift glorious? The GREEK word translated indescribable (v. 15) can be translated unspeakable, or inexpressible. This particular Greek word appears only here in the N.T. It describes something hard to describe in human language

God, in Christ, did something beyond human comprehension and understanding or ability to express. He gave the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. All we can do is shout with conviction and joy: “Thanks be to God!” His gift is beyond the capacity of human words to describe or express.

ILLUS: Consider a comet for a moment. These incredibly swift heavenly bodies shoot across and through our solar system from time to time. They are fantastic to behold. Their vapor trails can be more than 10 thousand miles long. But science tells us that if we were to capture and bottle a comet’s 10 thousand mile long vapor trail, the amount of moisture in the bottle would take up less than one cubic inch.

God can do something more amazing than that. He can take all our sins and heartaches, and place them in an area the size of a cross. Then He makes them disappear forever.


Paul declared that God’s gift is beyond human comprehension and description.

Gift is a simple enough word—just four letters, but it is packed with meaning. The word actually means “free gift.” God’s gift is completely by His grace and is given without regard to the receivers’ worth.

God’s gift is a gift that no one else could or would have given. It is a gift that could originate only in the mind of God. It is a gift of eternal value and is absolutely unobtainable under any circumstances except by freely receiving it from God by His grace.

The word translated “thanks” in verse 15 is the same word that is translated “grace” in Ephesians 2:8. We could say correctly, “Grace be to God for His unspeakable free gift!”

Do you see the awesomeness of what Paul was attempting to express? God’s goodness, grace, mercy—whatever word you choose to use—is incomparably wonderful. You and I, through the marvelous gift of Jesus, receive God’s salvation.

Why would God do all this for the likes of us? Why would Jesus die for sinners? I can’t answer that. I don’t have to. God already has done that for us. The answer is simple. It really is, and is found in that famous, often quoted and memorized verse of Scripture, John 3:16.

How many times have I heard it said: “Christmas is for kids.” Sure Christmas is for kids, but it’s for adults, too. It’s for all people. God’s gift fits all.

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