Summary: Hymn written following the destruction of the World Trace Center on 9-11-01

One Great Nation

(A National Hymn)

Tune same as “See How Great A Flame Aspires”

One Great nation shall proclaim,

God’s sure love through Jesus name.

This world racked by toil and strife,

Faith’s example gives new life.

Freedom’s torch a kindled flame,

Liberty’s message doth maintain.

May our voices blend as one?

Lift our praise to God’s own son.

Might and glory did he give,

Died that man through Him might live.

Through our pledge of liberty,

By His mercies keeps us free.

Yet we stand for what is right,

Guided by that flame’s strong light.

May our only chains yet be?

Bonds to God eternally.

Freedoms flame yet great to bear,

Fueled by service, love and prayer.

This great price with motives just,

Seals or pledge, “In God we Trust”.

Father grant through trust in thee,

This great nation shall stay free.

Tis our duty to proclaim,

Man’s redemption in thy name.

Thomas F. Bracewell

United Methodist Minister

History behind Hymn

I was serving a United Methodist appointment in the Montgomery/Prattville District on the tragic day that the World Trade Center Twin Towers was struck by terrorists. Strangely enough my second grandson was being born and I was standing in the waiting room watching television when the regular programming was broken into to reveal the first plane crashing into the tower. It was a combined feeling of helpless horror and anger that swept over me as I continued to watch these terrible events. My soul felt blessed at the birth of this grandchild but sorrow at all the lives lost in New York, the Pentagon and the forced crash of the third attack.

I sat down that week and felt compelled to work up a sermon but all that would come were words to this hymn. One Great Nation

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