Summary: In the kingdom of darkness - the souls of men are merchandise. But in the Kingdom of God, they are a treasure. Encourages people to let Jesus "buy" them!

Revelation 18:10-13 (esp. "SOULS OF MEN") contrasted with Matt 13:44-46

The first text we read in Revelation, describes the fall of Babylon, which throughout scripture depicts the kingdom of Satan. Notice that merchants from all over the world bemoan the loss of her varied commerce:

precious metals






and the SOULS OF MEN

In the kingdom of Satan, the souls of men are only merchandise

Yet that is contrasted with the text in Matthew, which is describing the kingdom of heaven. The story illustrates God’s perspective of mankind. To Him, the souls of men are a treasure!

I present to you two who stand ready to purchase your soul tonight

What is your price? How much are you worth? What value do you place on your soul?

More importantly, would you rather be viewed as merchandise or a treasure? Exploited or loved?

To whom will you sell your soul?


Merchandise is something that is used only for personal benefit. A man’s sole attraction to his merchandise is the wealth it can bring. The system is based on this principal:


In Satan’s kingdom, everything is merchandise.

He is not interested much in this worlds goods. He doesn’t care much about Amway, used cars, real estate, stocks and bonds... He deals only in life’s most precious commodity... the Souls of Men

Like any man with his merchandise. He must buy low, and sell high! The devil invests very little in anyone! And yet, what a high price you will pay when he’s through with you!

Consider the souls of men as merchandise…

We all want to feel worth... nobody likes to feel used. Currently our world basks in a false sense of self-worth.

Most consider themselves well-paid for the state of their soul. But each day many awaken to find themselves discarded like merchandise. Having profited Satan’s kingdom enough - they find themselves thrown aside like an old rag, while the world moves on to bigger and better things, a better deal.

Finding too late that that have been bought low, and sold high…

We see the results of Satan’s wheeling and dealing all around us

never have drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs been at such a premium

prisons cannot be built fast enough to contain those convicted in our courthouses

unborn babies are being slaughtered by the thousands for convenience’ sake

social diseases are reaching epidemic proportions, in spite of increased education

Bought low, sold high...

For a few minutes of pleasure:

how many marriages are split?

how many children spend their lives in foster homes?

how many abortions are performed?

how many careers have been ruined?

how many ministries have been destroyed?

how many enemies have been made?

how many hearts have been broken?

So that a man might enjoy short trip away from reality...

how many minds have been destroyed?

how many paychecks have been wasted?

how many thefts have taken place?

These are only some of the most apparent in our society. But regardless of what the god of this world offers you

It is not enough!

The devil never sacrifices very much to get what he wants... but you will lose it all when you pass through his hands!


King David is an example of one who sold himself to the wrong man. Satan offered David a young lady by the name of Bathsheba. David, who was called the Apple of God’s eye... took his place in the annuls of history with the adulterers, the murderers.

In the New Testament, the prodigal son became so much merchandise. For the sake of some friends, some wild parties - he lost an inheritance

I don’t have to back to the Bible to find examples. Unfortunately, I only have to take a look at my own life to see the effects of this system. I certainly can’t, or won’t discuss the wrong choices that I have made

Only a few know about times that I took the devil up on his offer, and I plan on keeping it that way!

But those same few understand the years that were wasted, lives that were hurt, and even the pain and shame that for years haunted me!

The devil has given so many...

...a few hours release from the pressures of reality

and then claimed their minds in return

...a few hours of illicit pleasure

and then claimed their families, their health, their reputation

...a few years of ease, of wealth, of fame, of fun

and then required their companionship in hell for eternity!

Whatever price you might consider accepting for your soul, it is not enough!

Mark 8:43-37 “For what shall it profit a man...”

Fortunately, one man’s junk is another mans treasure!

David remembered who held him as the Apple of His Eye

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