Summary: Is our nation still a nation "Under God?" Was it ever a nation "Under God?" Some would have you believe that it was founded on secular principles but they are wrong and you can tell them so.

What does “Under God” mean anyway? As a country, have we forgotten? Did it once mean that we were under His control? Were we under His protection? Were we in His Spirit? Does it yet describe us as a nation? For the most part, we are living to see our country be destroyed from within. In 1 Corinthians 3:19 we are told that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. In 2nd Chronicles 7:14 we are reminded that He will heal the land if we humble ourselves and repent.

It is far past the time of repenting although not too late. Here’s my take. There are only two nations on this earth that were founded by God Almighty. They are Israel and this United States of America. Of course, there are those that would argue with me that this country was started on secular principles. They are sadly misinformed. Our Declaration of Independence states “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” and also references the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

The secularists hang their hats on the fact that God is not mentioned in our Constitution and they are correct. My response is that in order to form a more perfect union (if I might borrow those words for a moment), they had to exclude anything that might be misconstrued as a State-Religion of sorts; after all we had just escaped that exact thing in our so-called “Mother Land.” It has all to do with “Freedom of Religion” and not “Freedom from Religion” as the secularists would like you to believe.


If this were indeed a country founded on secular principles, then why did so many of our forefathers and foremothers risk everything they had including their lives to cross a perilous ocean and to live in extreme weather conditions often without proper shelter. They risked everything including their children. But they wanted a new life where they could worship God however they so desired; and yes, you atheists can also worship no God if you are so inclined, but I would seriously caution you to re-think that position.

There were 12+ other individuals in the history of the church that also risked everything and many wonder why? Why be murdered, persecuted, maimed and ridiculed for a man who supposedly never existed or if you agree that He did, had no relationship with a God who created everything. But once again, many do not hold that to be true either. Who protected those 12+ as well as those who risked the perilous journey to what is now the U.S.A? It was God and none other.


It was an experiment; and the greatest experimental government in the history of the world. There were Deists, Jews, Christians which included Catholics, Protestants, Quakers, Puritans and perhaps even one or two Lutherans (just a bit of humor).

Many question whether the Jews were really part of the experiment and they were. They settled in this new country of ours as early as 1654 and many settled in what was then called “New Amsterdam” which is today’s New York state.


Does that speak of an air of secularism? They attended each and every Sunday unlike now where many attends twice per year and some even three times in a life time (but that is another sermon). It doesn’t sound like there were many trying to “escape FROM religion.”


They were blessed if you stop and think about it. In a short amount of time, they accomplished much. The declared our independence from Britain with a well-written document by one Thomas Jefferson, who would become President. They established a military, who then fought a war and in doing so established a free nation. They wrote our Constitution, which thank God, is still the basis of much of the principles on which our country stands. They wrote a Bible (the “American Bible”) because we could not get Bibles from Britain due to that war we were fighting with them.

They set aside public lands for displaced Indians. They established two days of Thanksgiving and Fasting for the entire nation and then asked each citizen to repent to God so that our country would continue to prosper. You can’t read about any of that in today’s history books.


George Washington said, as he left office, that religion is the only source of morality. Without God, where might that come from; is my question. John Adams, another who would become President, said that morality and religion were the basis of freedom on which it must stand. If they really did not believe in God, then why were churches constructed in the War Department, the Supreme Court and the Capital Building?

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