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Summary: Knowing Your Destination, Truth, God's Plan

Road Trip #3 – One Way

John 14:6 (p. 752) July 27, 2014


Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s my way or the highway.” My dad used to say it a little differently...“The one who owns the house makes the rules: my house...my rules!”

Rules are different than opinions...let me give you an example.

“It’s my opinion that when getting dressed it’s better to put on one sock and then one shoe...then the other sock and the other shoe.

You say...that’s stupid! Put both socks on then put both shoes on...that’s a much better method!

And then we argue about our opinions: I’ll bet you with 1 sock and 1 shoe on if a fire breaks out I can hop outside and keep my feet dry. You say, “Well with 2 socks on, if it’s not raining, both feet stay warm.

We can argue...but it’s just an opinion.

Rules are different...for instance:

“Imagine a little league, or coach pitch baseball team made up of 6 or 7 year olds learning how to play the game. Having been a 6 or 7 year old that was eager to play the game, and also having coached 6 and 7 year olds I know that 6 and 7 year old would much rather just play than learn how.

Suppose one of these eager six year olds thinks he’s found a better way to play the game? The little dude stands at the plate and manages to hit the ball...but immediately jumps on home plate and shout “Home run, home run!” Meanwhile a fielder picks up the ball and throws it to first. The umpire shouts “you’re out!” But the little guy bravely stands up to the ump and says, “I’m not out...I got on home base before they did.” I got a home run!”

The umpire says, “Sorry slugger, but you have to run all the bases before you can touch home...THE RULES SAY “YOU’RE OUT.” And the kid responds...

“But my way is better! Running all the bases is too hard. If I do it my way I get a homerun every time.”

Every generation of little leaguers has to learn to play the game BY THE RULES. You can’t invent short cuts to get home.

And Jesus clearly said...you can’t invent short cuts to get home. God has established one way to get there. His rules are fixed.

[Kari and I went to Saint Louis a few months ago to pick up my old truck (I love my old truck). We had a great time together and before we left I ran a Map Quest to St. Louis. Map Quest gave me 3 options...the shortest, the quickest, the most scenic.

We chose the shortest...but we could have chosen one of the other 2 options. Life is filled with options (1 sock, 1 shoe people driving the scenic route...2 sock people driving the quickest).

But sometimes there are rules that cannot be changed because we feel like it. Some things aren’t options. And the journey to heaven is one of those things. On this Road Trip there’s only one road to eternal life. ONE WAY. Every other road is a dead end.

Jesus very clearly claims:


In John 14 Jesus never mentions the word “heaven.” He instead says, “My Father’s house” the Greek word translated “rooms” for “mansions” literally means “to abide or remain.” It’s a permanent home, not a temporary shelter or hotel. Listen:

JOHN 14:2-3 (p. 752)

The disciples are upset...they’ve first heard Jesus say, “Goodbye...I’m leaving and where I’m going you can’t come with me right now.”

Peter who’s always well, Peter, jumps into the somber conversation and says, “Lord, why can’t I follow you? I’d die for you!”

Jesus says, “Really Peter...because before the rooster crows for the 2nd time tomorrow morning you’ll deny that you know me 3 times.”

Folks, I’ve been with dozens of families when the air is sucked out of the room, where the Doctor says it’s cancer.” Things get serious, somber and quiet.

The upper room is serious, somber & quiet and Jesus says, “Don’t let this trouble you’re hearts.” You trust God don’t you? You trust me don’t you?”

It’s now, that He promises His Father’s House, a place that’s secure and safe. That’s where He’s going. (It’s a big, big house...with lots and lots of room.)

Jesus says, “I’m going down this road so there will be a way for you to get there too. In fact I’m going to come back for you so that you get there for sure. We’ll be together there, with Dad: And you already know the way to get there! You know the road home.”

And Thomas is like...we don’t know the way...we don’t know what Road to take...and Jesus says:

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