Summary: Fasting is one way we can grow to know God better. Fasting involves agreement, alignment, and then God’s assignment. The three A’s are from Stovall Weems

Pursing Jesus:


January 9, 2011 Jay Davis Robison Joel 2:12-32

So let me ask you, Have you broken it yet? New Year’s resolution

To go on a diet, or be on time, save $$ or improve a relationship

Talked to a guy to resolved to quit smoking asked how’s it going?

Great except for right after the New Year had a cigarette then

Each year one of the most popular resolutions is to grow spiritually

Said in any number of ways, pray more, read Bible daily

Become more spiritual person, seeing a new start of New Year

To have a deeper connection with God that’s good

We have adopted a theme throughout 2011 Pursuing Jesus

Will refer to in a number of ways

I mean what better can we do than Pursue Jesus?

To grow in relationship with him, to do what he would do

Today pursuing Jesus to knowing him better 1 way to do so Joel 2:15

Announce a time of fasting;

call the people together for a solemn meeting. Vs 15 NLT

Thirsting inside each of us to connect with God

Challenge you to be a part of Awakening 21 Days prayer & fasting

There are over 25 instances of fasting in the Bible

Isaiah 58, Esther, Daniel, Jesus fasted in wilderness,

When people were looking for direction,

When they had sinned, when they needed special anointing

Joel 2 an occasion when called for a fast in full picture

Stovall Weems suggests 3 A’s that are a part of fast


The first reason to fast is to agree who God is

Might say I know God is God, yes but often our love for God

grows cold we move away from God little by little

1st commandment of 10 have no other gods before me

The reason Joel spoke up was THE PEOPLE HAD LEFT GOD

They were worshipping other gods, lives revolved around them

Boy I’m glad we don’t do anything like that, worship other gods

Oh wait how many people live for their job, or $$ or sex

how many people depend on Dr. Phil or Oprah or preacher for life

Maybe we leave God too, in Joel’s time locust plague came on Judah

ruining all crops economy shattered

And they may not be able to offer sacrifice to God with no crops

Joel saw the hand of god at work in all this spiritually bankrupt

Joel implored the people to pray in light of the impending doom

He called for a holy assembly to implore fervently the grace of God

Is the call of God to come back show you are my people from heart

Fasting one expression of seeking God look at Mt 9:15b

"But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away

from them, and then they will fast." Matthew 9:15b NKJV

Fasting has been a part of religious commitment for centuries

Matter of fact Jesus was asked why his disciples did not fast

While he was with them, when I am gone they will fast

Jesus appears to take for granted his followers will fast for periods

He does not explain it expects it

Fasting is one way of offering our hearts to god

Vs 18 TNIV look at God’s response to those who fast

The LORD was jealous for his land and took pity on his people

Vs 12 Even now God says return to me

that his jealous love as a husband for his wife

I want you to know my wife is a loving person, you may have

some things in common with her, do things with her

she may love you but no one has a place in her heart that only I do

that is the kind of place God expects in our lives who God is


Not just acknowledge there is a god

But submit to God, you are not God

Listen to reminders in Joel’s message to the people

Vs 21 Do not be afraid, be glad and rejoice.

Surely the LORD has done great things! Vs 21 TNIV

Vs 27 Then you will know that I am in Israel, that I am the LORD

your God, and that there is no other;

Agreement 1st step in fasting Amos 3:3 NLT

Can 2 people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

Fasting is not for God, its for us, fast to agree with God

To hear from God and move full throttle as God leads


1st A dealt with agreeing God is God Need to remember that again

But Mark says even the demons know God is God and fear

Alignment takes it to another level not just acknowledging God

but seeking to unite with him

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