Summary: Unityin the body of Christ is of utmost importance, without oneness in Spirit the church of Jesus Christ is nor effective in the earth....

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Sermon by Paddick Van Zyl (MTh)

27 Nov 2014

Title: Oneness

Theme: Unity


I want you to picture a scene today: see in your minds eye a large parade ground where thousands of soldiers are preparing for war. The sergeant major shouts a whole lot of commands in succession to the troops. They don't move. Instead they start looking around to their friends and start questioning the commands they where given. No one knows what to do. They start getting unruly and loud as they try to figure out what they need to do. Some even leave the parade ground to go an sit under the trees. What happened? The sergeant major gave his troops their instructions in a foreign language they did not understand. A mighty force, but unable to do anything together as a whole. All the weapons on hand but of no use. What happened on this parade ground? There was no unity! It was chaos instead of order....sound familiar?

Vance Havner said -"Christians, like snowflakes, are frail, but when they stick together they can stop traffic." *


Psalm 133 Read


Why is unity so important in our daily lives, marriages, families and the body of Christ?

Simply: because unity unites and empowers and fosters peace and blessing! Unity ushers in the anointing. The kingdom of darkness is opposed to unity.

God desires unity in His body and our lives and relationships since He is a God of unity. Heaven is a place of unity not chaos.

There is power in unity. It fosters love, strengthens prayer, minimizes differences, it releases the supernatural power of God and it ministers to the lost.

In our text, Psalm 133, unity is compared to oil, the anointing and the presence and power of God manifested among people.

It is pleasant when unity is present. And when unity is present God commands His blessing and anointing to be present as well (v.3)

Where God's blessing and anointing is not present, we need to look if unity has been lost.

Psalm 86: 11 Read NLT

Unite my heart = give me singleness of heart

2 Chronicles 30:8-13, 17-23, 26-27 NKJV Read

V 12 says God's hand (anointing) was on Judah to give them singleness of heart. Because they received God's anointing to be of one mind and heart, unity prevailed and God's blessing came on them. Our heart attitude is important to God. He looks at the heart not the body, mind or anything else. Unity starts in the heart and flows through to the rest of our life.

Acts 2:42 NKJV Read

On the day of Pentecost, the people were unified in the Spirit and they started to live in unity, fellowshiping and sharing bread and prayer. That is what the body of Christ, the Church is supposed to do and supposed to be like.

The Christians continued in the Word of God and prayer steadfastly, this speaks of their relationship with God. And they shared their bread in fellowship, this speaks of their relationship to one another.

To have singleness of heart is as important as singleness of sight. If our heart is divided we will stagnate and fall by the wayside eventually. A house divided, like a heart, can not stand.

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