Summary: America is in need of healing from racism and bitterness, what can we do as a CHURCH to fix this crisis?

“If you are a racist, your church will die.” (Yes Black folks can be racist TOO!)

Dr. Martin Luther King said that Sunday morning was the most segregated day of the week, and sadly enough it still is nearly 40 years later. We have made good strides in the area of race relations in America, but some of the demons still persist. We have two types of racism in America: The racism of superiority and the racism of bitterness. Even though white people don’t own blacks anymore and we aren’t lynched with great frequency anymore, and we don’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore, many whites still feel superior to blacks! This feeling of superiority played itself out publicly when Kenneth Hagin Jr. said he would not want his daughter to marry outside of her race, yet it is OK for thousands of Black folks to support their ministry with their GREEN dollars! But we aren’t good enough to marry their daughters. This publicity caused quite uproar in the Word of Faith Community. Fredrick K. Price confronted the Hagin’s about this comment, but they did not retract or reject their feelings or comments.

Now black folks are guilty of the sin of racism / bitterness! We allow their actions and attitudes towards us; make us feel justified in our hatred of them. This is equally wrong because we are guilty of unforgiveness and hatred. The real miracle of salvation through Jesus Christ is not just that our sins are forgiven and we go to heaven, but that we are new creatures in Christ, Well let’s start acting like it! God is a spirit, not a skin tone or a nationality! B

oth sides have to repent of these feelings and attitudes. Remember Pentecost? There were people of every race and nation at the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings unity! If there is no racial harmony in your church, I doubt if the Holy Spirit is there either.

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