Summary: You're the only one who can keep the lord first.

Read Luke 5: 1-11

Anything you’re in, any occurrence no matter what or which. You are expected to come out the deep, extending far down below the surface. Normally, fishermen go down there to gather up fish to sell. Wherever the lord is, there is going to be a gathering. God is a spirit; and he can make all of creation gather around to hear him, if he wanted too, but he choose for man to understand him.

It is our responsibility to get a better understanding of God. Getting to know God starts with the reading of his word. There are valuables in the word that man needs, but he can only have them when he listens and obey the word of the God. The word of God yields us a return that changes how we view life, and the goodness that his word offers mankind is free of charge. And it’s not like the prices our economy imposes on us.

The word of God keeps blessing us by giving us little or too much of a good thing, and it’s all free. If you got a little bit, God wants you to desire more and more of him. Maybe God has given you just enough to get by, be thankful because everybody doesn’t have enough to get by. The purpose of this sermon is to show you that Jesus is both lord of the waters and lord of the land as well as the lord over good and evil. Give all you can to get by, give Jesus your heart to get by eternal damnation, and if you’re still alive in the flesh, he warned us about the influence of sin.

Give Jesus your heart. Want a new start over the old start. Give Jesus your heart. First, you got to have an ear to hear, before he comes into your heart, even when you’re disobeying him. He forgives.

The lord is a forgiven God. Look at how God continues to wait patiently for us year after year. Even at work, when you’re doing things, you know that God is not in. God wants to be in everything we do. If you read Luke 5:1, to interpret is to become spiritual.

They that worship the lord must worship him in spirit and in truth. The revelation in verse one is “And it came to pass” the word of the lord. When you read how the people pressed upon him for the word of the lord, they had a purpose. I tell you! Don’t let your purpose be just the hearing of the word of God… people are hearing God, but they’re doing their own things. As the people pressed against him, you know what! I believe Jesus was speaking to them not only with words, but how he carried himself sent a message.

When he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, in other words he stood on a fertile plain on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. The lord knows who’s real and who’s fronting. Those who come out of the water are not fearful of creation. I don’t know about you, but I fear the lord, and how he is going to give this world over to destruction. While Jesus was standing by the Sea of Galilee, as the people pressed upon him, he was saying to them non-verbally “Remember how I destroyed your ancestors with this same water, and I pushed the water back from the dry land. If you look with me in the spirit, you’ll see how much we need Jesus.

So what does Jesus do now, in verse 2, he saw the ships. Jesus saw God in one of those ships pushed back from the land. See yourself doing great things for the lord. Don’t just be a hearer but be a doer. Jesus wants us to let him use whatever we have, the fishermen didn’t have anything.

They didn’t catch any fish, until one, by the name of Simon gave Jesus permission to use his ship. Have you ever tried to find something that you need but just can’t seem to reach out and grab it? Jesus gives you what you need.

That’s why it’s good to support those who are involved in the will of God, because you never know if God is going to open up the windows of heaven. He is a blessing, and will bless you for allowing him to use what you have. Don’t be afraid to thrust out a little from the land.

As long as you have the word of God, he’s going to supply all that you need. Remarkable people are those who strive to do better. He knows if you want to do better or not. Don’t just hear the word, but strive to do better by following the lord. God knows you better than you know yourself. If it takes a miracle for you to follow the lord, you can certainly know that a miracle is on the way. There’s a day and hour that comes around, and the lord will be in that day and hour.

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