Summary: Jesus is the only way for Eternal Life.

John 14:01-06

The ways of the Lord. Way to Life, way to Holiness, way to Wisdom and the Way is Jesus.

The Lord Journeys with Us:

Jacob said: The Lord was with me on my life(Gen.35:03). The Lord provided the Pillar of Clouds and the Pillar of Fire(Ex 13:21). The Lord was their pilot looking at the best place to camp, where the water was available, pasture was available, safety and security was available(Dt.1:31 & 32). Joshua says, ‘the Lord took care of us in all our journeys’(Jos.24:17). Job says, ‘the Lord knows the way I am going’(Job. 23:10). So remember Him in all your ways(Pr.3.6)

Many Ways

Seems good ways(Pr.14:12,16:25). Some live in their crooked ways(Judg.2:19, Pr.10:09). Those are bad ways(Ps.10:17). That way is not returnable(Job.16:22). The way of the sinners(Ps.1:1). The ways of the violent (Pr.3:31). The way of the Evil (Pr.4:14). The way of the adulterer(Pr.7:25). The way of the fool(Pr.12:15). The way of the wicked(Pr.12:26). The way of Lazy(Pr.15:19). The way of the Balaam(II Pet.2:15). Sontham vazy” Own way(Is.53:06). God keeps the Good and Bad ways(Jer. 21:08).

Only one way

How to ascend to the God’s presence?(Ps.24:3). Open the gates to enter(Is.26:02). Jesus is the Gate(Jn.10:09). Through Jesus we gained the access(Rm.5:2, Eph.2:18,3:12).

Moses prayed to the Lord “Teach me your ways to find favour from you”(Ex.33;13). David says “teach me thy ways”(Ps.25:04, 27:11, 86:11). God teaches his ways to the sinners, to the humble and to the one who fear him(Ps.25:08-12). He says that I will show the ways to Go(Ps.32:08).He will teach his ways(Is.2:3, 4:2, Mic.4:2).

The ways of the Lord. Way to Life, way to Holiness, way to Wisdom and the Way is Jesus. Jesus is the way to heaven also he is the means. He is the mean for Holiness, mean foe Eternal Life, mean for completeness. Mean for great joy and strength.

Way to the Tree of Life(Gen.3:24). The way of the Lord is upright.(II Sam 22:31, Ps.18:30). The way is known to the Lord(Job.28:07,23). The way is in the Holy place(Ps.77:13).

The way to Zion. (Jer.50:05). The way of the heavenly king(Dan. 4:37). The way of the Salvation(Ac.16:17). The great honorable way(I Cor.12:31). His ways are upright(Hos.14:09).The ways of the Lord are unsearchable (Rm.11:33). Let us simply go to Jesus. Follow Jesus step by step in devotion to God, obeying to God, doing good to all.

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