Summary: For you see: properly working eyes of faith see the world as Jesus would see it.

“Open Your Eyes”

Luke 24:13-35


Now that same day two shepherds were going south to the city of Hebron, about thirteen miles from Bethlehem, to sell their sheep and barter wool. They were talking with each other about everything that had happened the night before. They talked of angels. They talked of inns and barns. They talked of the little Child who was born. As they talked and discussed these things with each other, a traveler came up in a chariot and rode along with them. This was not unusual, this was a busy road and there was safety in numbers. In addition, the sheep made it impossible for the traveler to pass by.

He asked them, "What are you discussing together as you walk along?" They stood still, their faces beaming. One of the shepherds, named Alan, asked him, "Are you only a visitor to Bethlehem and the surrounding area and do not know about the things that happened last night?"

"What things?" the traveler asked.

"About the king that was born in Bethlehem," they replied. "He was announced by a whole host of angels. They lit the night sky in announcing His birth. We went and saw the place where He lay. He was there, in a stable next to the inn. He was there, in a feeding trough. He was there cared for by His mother Mary and Joseph.”

The traveler said to them, "How foolish you are, and how slow of mind you must be for me to believe that a king was born in a stable with no attendants and no fanfare.” And he began by explaining to these poor shepherds all about the expectations of royalty for he was royalty. “In fact,” he concluded, “I stayed at that very inn last night and my horses were in the very stable next to the inn. I saw nothing of import this morning.”

“We know it is strange to tell you that a king was born in a barn, but it is true!” the shepherds exclaimed all the more. We were there last night and the baby and family were staying in the stable. We have seen it and testify to it!”

As they approached the city to which they were going, the rich traveler on the chariot acted as if he were going farther. But they urged him strongly, "Go back and see the child! Go and see the king who was born!” The traveler was unsure if he should believe these shepherds, but they urged him all the more as they traveled along. Soon, he turned his face north towards Bethlehem and squinted his eyes at the horizon. Was that man who hitched the horse team to the chariot this morning involved for he did seem like he had been up all night and looked like he was staying in the stable? Should he go? Were these shepherds telling the truth? He closed his eyes, turned, and went on his way.


An adult eye is about 1 inch in diameter and has about 12 million photoreceptors which are light sensitive cells and six muscles that move the ocular sphere with such a precision that it allows the eye to follow moving objects. Like a camera, the eye has a diaphragm (called iris), whose opening degree adapts to the brightness of the environment. The light rays that cross the opening of the iris, the pupil, have been previously concentrated by the action of the cornea. The crystalline lens is charged with the focusing of the light and its refraction index and is adjusted by the ciliary muscles. After crossing the vitreous humour (that is not your funny bone, but part of the eye), the light reaches the retina, a membrane possessing 120 photosensitive rods and 7 million color photosensitive cones. On the retina an upside down image is formed which is an image that is reverted by the brain. The rods and the cones turn the light into electric signals which are transmitted through the ganglionic cells to the optic nerve and from there they reach the brain.

Sounds complicated doesn’t it? That is because it is. Human sight is a miracle of God’s creation. When I read the description of what happens when a person sees, I think it is strange that any of us can see at all! So many things must go right for a person to see and so many things could go wrong. It seems like if any of those rods or cones or muscles do not work right vision problems occur. Most of us here probably have some kind of corrective lenses or vision issue. According to the CDC, 67% of people in the state of Florida went to see an eye-care professional in the last year ( Most of us are concerned about our eye sight. That is because our eyes are important. You know how I know eyes are important? What was the very first thing God created?

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