Summary: Blessing from God will come to you if you stay faithful

We begin with two men and at this time in their lives they are pastoring a people known as the Israelites. Moses is the leader of the flock and Aaron, his associate Pastor; and his older brother. Moses has just been in intersession with God for Israel and he can’t figure out why God is upset with His people.

Moses had told God , “God, the Egyptians is going to say: “You brought them out of slavery just to kill them”. “Calm down Lord, and repent of this evil against Your people”. PLEASE? Now Moses is praying to God for his people. And the Lord answered his prayer with a yes.

Now as Moses is coming down off the Mt. with the 10 commandments, Joshua heads him off and says: “Moses, your flock is having a party and it’s not good”. Moses gets closer to the camp and sees his congregation dancing and it goes downhill from there. He runs over to his associate pastor Aaron and says: “What are you doing Aaron?” “WELL” HU, WHAT HAPPEN WAS” HU. and Aaron lies to him.

Under pressure, people lie. Eve lied to satan, Jacob lied to his father Isaac. Aaron was not even a good liar. He told pastor Moses, They got tired waiting on you, and wanted me to make them an idol, so they built a fire, throwed some earrings in it, and out comes this calf”.

That an’t what happened at all. What happened was, They had leaned on God to get them out of 400 years of slavery…10 generations of slaves, they had prayed and prayed, “Lord get me out of this mess and I’ll never do it again”. You ever prayed a prayer like that? “Lord I’ve learned my lesson this time.” It seems we call on God when we need Him, and forget Him after you get it.

Think about that…Here comes Moses off the Mt. who is ALL fired up because he had been with God, The holy Spirit was with him…and he’s on fire…God has talked with him, gave him the 10 commandments, and he walks in to the camp and sees a bunch of necked people dancing and worshipping a golden calf.

And Aaron says: “they come to me for help and I just helped them out”. Aaron compromised. Anytime you compromise the truth you are in trouble. Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp and yelled ; “WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE? . And all of Levi’s sons steeped up to Moses, and Moses said: “Okay guys, each one of you get a sword, go throughout the camp and clean house.

“I want you to kill every man for doing what they did. And these guy’s killed 3000. And the next day Moses says to the congregation, “You people have sinned a great sin, I am going to God on your behalf and asking Him to forgive you. So Moses went to God and asked Him to forgive the people and said: “Lord please forgive these people for what they’ve done”…If You don’t then just take my name out of the Book of life.”

God said: “Moses whoever has sinned against Me, I’ll take their name out of My Book. And the Lord plagued the people for making that golden calf.

Great leadership is not determined by good times; it’s determined by chaotic times. It’s good to be uncomfortable…Those who insist to live comfortable are missing their growth pattern. It’s how you perceive (Recognize) the chaos whether you determine it to be opposition or opportunity.

Who is on the Lord’s side? Anytime something is going great in the Lord’s work and you are doing God’s will, they WILL be opposition. And people who refuse to go down with opposition and say “I’m gonna do it anyway, make the best leaders. And I’m talking about leaders in the home also. Discipline your children early in their life or they will take over. A child knows how far you will go?

Wives, You don’t know what kind of husband you’ve got until you go through bad times, Husbands, you don’t know what kind of wife you have until you go through bad times.

Moses was hid in a basket right after his birth, put in the Nile river where there was snakes, alligators…Where there is Chaos, there is opportunity. It is chaos in the time that creates the conqueror in the person. Remember when God gets ready to reveal to you what you have in you, He will also place you in the mist of chaos.

How bright will your little light shine in the middle chaos? You say you are a child of God, wonderful. There has been times and will be times that God WILL put you to the test. He will put pressure where you need it.

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