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(1). The Jews: living under the law.

(2). The Christian: living under God’s grace!

(3). The Law: Given to Protect The People.

(4). The Theme: restitution.

(5). The Case Laws: a summary.

(6). The Lord: an exemplar.



• The Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson wrote,

• “Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.”

• He was right!”

• But if we are honest with ourselves we tend to disbelieve him.

• Oftentimes a hard lesson to learn but a valuable lesson to learn;

• That each and every choice we make has consequences.


• This last week on the news;

• Two high profile people in the world of football have found that out!

• Everton footballer Wayne Rooney;

• And Northern Ireland football manager Michael O'Neill;

• Have both been caught driving over the limit;

• And will in the next few weeks and months;

• Have to face the consequences for their actions!

• How many other drunk drivers didn’t think one more drink would do much harm;

• Then they climbed behind the wheel and hit another car and kill somebody!

• The man or woman, who commits adultery,

• They think they can get away with it;

• They can enjoy the best of both worlds;

• Only later on in time to find themselves in divorce court;

• Having lost their family;

• And many times things they have worked a lifetime to acquire.

• The title I have been asked to speak on this morning is:

• Our actions have consequences.

• Now don’t get depressed this morning;

• Instead be encouraged because good actions result in good consequences;

• So leave this place and do good!

• But the flip side of that statement is also true;

• Bad actions result in bad consequences.

• So don’t just leave this place better informed this morning;

• But leave this place filled afresh with God’s Spirit;

• With a desire to live for him and to do good to all people!

• So, the title you know is ‘Our actions have consequences.’

• And the passage I have been asked to speak on this morning is Exodus chapter 22.

• Now before we look at it, a bit of background information;

• Because I have a feeling you might not be too familiar with these verses!

(1). The Jews: Living Under The Law.

Question: How many Old Testament commandments are there?


• Most of you are probably thinking ten.

• Because most of us are Gentiles and not Jewish.

• And we have often heard quoted and heard taught those 10 commandments.

• Also most of us are Christians;

• And so we read our Old Testament through Christian spectacles.

• And for us it is nearly always the big ‘ten’ that we focus on.

• Now if you were a practicing Jew this morning;

• I would expect a different answer to that question!

• A Jew would probably not say there are 10 commandments;

• Instead they would say there are 613 commandments or laws of Moses in the ‘Torah’;

• (The first 5 books of the Bible).

• And they of course would be right!

• God gave the Jews a set of rules that they should live by.

• Not just 10 commandments but 613 commandments in total.

• And on behalf of the Hebrew people;

• Moses received those rules contained in the ‘Torah’ (first 5 books of the Bible),

• And he taught these laws to the Hebrew people.

• These 613 commandments;

• Cover every aspect of life including law, family, personal hygiene and diet.

(2). The Christian: Living under God’s Grace!


• The New Testament teaches (i.e. Romans chapter 6 verse 14).

• That you and I are; “not under law, but we are under grace”;

• These Old Testament laws were given to the Hebrew people (Israel);

• It formed what we call ‘The Old Covenant’

• The Hebrew people were required to obey God and keep the Law,

• And in return He protected and blessed them

• (Exodus chapter 19 & Deuteronomy chapter 30 verses 15–18).

• Through his death on the cross;

• Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and introduced a new covenant.

• “This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.”

• (Luke chapter 22 verse 20).

• That now means that certain laws;

• i.e. Relating to law, family, personal hygiene and diet;

• Are not applicable for Christians today,

• i.e. The proof of that is we worship on a Sunday and not on the Sabbath,

• i.e. Further proof is some of you might go home to roast pork for your Sunday lunch.

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