Summary: Part III of a Sermon Series on the Lord’s Prayer.

Give us this day our daily bread

Why ask God for food?

* We can buy anything we want

* Why say grace? - We paid for it, we prepared it

* Because ultimately anything we do was created by God in the first place

* Our creator sustains us

What is our daily bread?

* The bread for today or tomorrow

* Manna

* Tell Exodus story

* Not once and for all, but day by day

* Because it is best if consumed today

Why our bread?

* Why our Father?

* Right now, it’s obvious: We are gathered to be one

* To be one, like a loaf of bread

* Made from many grains

* blended, united

* one loaf of bread, one body of Christ

* in communion with one another

All the individual grains

* Let’s celebrate their uniqueness:

* the oldest and the youngest

* the tallest and the smallest

* Born in Utah and elsewhere

* brought up UCC or from a different religious background

* infinite diversity, yet one loaf of bread

* Give us this day our diversity in unity and unity in diversity

Bread is not just a great symbol for us who are gathering but for the power we need as well

* What do I need to make this a great day for myself and others?

* Put down answers on a paper

* Share the answers

* When we’re asking for our daily bread, we mean all the things it takes to make this day great

* We have reason to be grateful that God sustains our lives, forms our communion and blesses each and everyone of us each and every day anew

* And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.

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