Summary: Revelation 1 gives us a revealing of the King that lives forever.First in a series of messages looking at King Jesus through the Apocalypse.

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King Jesus Reigns: Our Eternal King

Revelation 1:4-8


Easter is Passed, the Resurrection is now a living history.

Read: John 20:19-25. In this after-Resurrection meeting of disciples we see: The witnesses of Jesus’ work in their lives and The wonderers who just can’t see it. Jesus doesn’t reject either group but reaches to both.

With the Resurrection…

-Evil is defeated

-Death is defeated and lost its sting

-Jesus is proven to be the Son of God with power

-Faith is moved from speculation to certainty

-Attention turns from Jesus who was and is to Jesus who is coming

- Jesus takes His place as King, ruling over His Kingdom

Does anyone want to say … “but wait…” We look around our world and we see the broken, the hurting, those captive to sin and enslaved by its power. As John writes his Apocalypse, Revelation, He is not immune to these realities. He writes as a persecuted Christian to persecuted Christians, exiled to Patmos. So how can we even say that victory has been found in Jesus and He is reigning? Take heart! Our King is an Eternal King, and these considerations do not dishearten Him. Because Jesus is the Risen Eternal King what do we find in serving Him?

1. Confidence in Uncertain Times (Revelation 1:4)

Things here may seem uncertain from our perspective.

"Sometimes … it is hard to remember that Christ has triumphed, already, over all of this. There will come a day when I will look out the window and be unable to see any brokenness … That day is not yet here though.” -Lauren F. Winner.

The world is broken, no one can deny. From Heaven’s perspective there is no uncertainty! John writes to seven churches - challenged by persecution, blasé attitudes toward sin, and too tolerant of teachings that diminish the King. He writes from Patmos - a prison island. Even so, Jesus is not defeated. Instead His eternal reign is affirmed above the weakness of men and work of the Enemy.

"From beginning to end, this text is saturated with words and images of God’s complete dominion. -Charles D. Reeb

2. Strength in Times of Weakness (vs 5 -Three Strong Descriptions of the Risen Christ)

*Faithful Witness - He has seen resurrection power and the Father’s love in action - what He tells us is truth.

*Firstborn from the dead. The truth of the resurrection tells us that no matter what we face, Jesus has the ultimate enemy under containment.

"As firstborn Jesus … becomes the promise, the absolute conviction that neither death nor Satan nor the powers of Satan have the final word. Resurrection here becomes the promise of the “new heaven” and “new earth,” not a trick by which one individual is resuscitated but the renewal of creation itself. - Gaventa

*Ruler of Kings - no King has more authority or power than our Eternal King! No matter what makes us feel uncertain or weak, put your trust in the Eternal Risen King!

3. Freedom For the Captive (5b-6)

*The Eternal King is not detached from us, but loves us.

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