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Summary: A Father's Day message in which we discover the blessing of our Heavenly Father's (and earthly father's) "chastening" or discipline. (This sermon is in "outline form." You will need to reformat the layout because of the way it appears on this site.)

Our Fathers’ Chastening

June 19, 2016

- When I was growing up, I could ALWAYS count on my parents to

discipline me when I needed it, because they loved me

> If my parents disciplined me because they loved me, it makes sense

that, because of His love for me, God will discipline me when I need it

> Hopefully, Adam and Ashley will discipline Avery when he needs it!

- Today we will see that part of God’s will for us – His loving will – involves “chastening” when we sin

- Read Hebrews 12:5-11

A Word of Encouragement (vs.5a)

- Why speak on this topic on Father’s Day?

- It may not seem like it, but this passage is meant to be “encouraging”

- Greek “paraklesis” (par-ak’-lay-sis) = exhortation, admonition, encouragement

> To come along side for the purpose of the above

> Comes from the same root that we get “parakletos” (“comforter” in

reference to the Holy Spirit (Who comes alongside to encourage)

- This “word of encouragement” is addressed to the “sons” (and

daughters) of God (others need not listen!)

What is Chastening? (vs.5b)

- The word translated “discipline” in the NIV is the Greek word “paideia”

(pahee-di’-a) = chastening, nurture, instruction (occurs 6x’s in the NT)

- In children, it involves “the whole training and education which relates

to the cultivation of mind and morals” (according to one author)

- In adults, it involves “the cultivation of the soul, especially by correcting

mistakes and curbing passions” (according to the same author)

- It is discipline, instruction, or punishment with the goal of correcting sin

When God Chastens:

1. Do not make light of it (vs.5b-6)

- Don’t make light of it (as if it were not important or of any value)

- Don’t lose heart (or give up) because you think life (God) isn’t fair

- Because the Lord disciplines those He loves (What a great verse!)

- Because the Lord punishes (scourges) everyone he accepts as a son

2. Endure it (vs.7-8)

- Don’t try to get out of it

- God is treating you like a son (daughter)

- ┬ČAll sons (children) are disciplined by their earthly father (or should be)

- Our heavenly Father disciplines (chastens) all of His children

- God’s chastening proves you are a “legitimate” child of His

3. Submit to it (vs.9)

- We respect our father (father of our flesh) for his discipline

> Maybe not at the time, but as we have grown older (our kids)

- We should all the more submit to the “Father of our spirit”

- By submitting to God’s discipline we will LIVE (enjoy real life)

4. Remember the purpose of it (vs.10-11)

- Our earthly father’s disciplined us for a reason

> They did it as they thought best and for our own good

> Three kinds of people who have a harder time with God’s discipline:

1. Those that had a father who disciplined with wrong motives

2. Those that had a father that did not discipline them

3. Those that did not have a father to discipline them

- God disciplines us for our own good

> God wants us to “share” in His holiness

> It doesn’t seem like it is for our good at the time

- It is unpleasant and painful at the time

> It wouldn’t be punishment or discipline if it weren’t painful

> I never let on if punishment wasn’t painful (just MORE punishment)

- There is a “harvest” that will be produced by those who are “trained” by

the Lord’s discipline (chastening)

> literally: “peaceable fruit of righteousness”

> “righteousness” = “right-likeness” of God

Application (Responding to God’s Chastening)

- God will NEVER abandon his children when we sin (Lam. 3:19-23)

- We must confess our sin and be restored in fellowship (I John 1:9-2:2)

> God will forgive our sins

> God will purify us from ALL unrighteousness (un-right-likeness)

- If (when) we do sin, Jesus speaks to the Father in our defense

- Are you enduring God’s chastening? Confess your sin to Him!

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