Summary: Suffering, redemption, transformation, hope

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Romans 8: 18-25 (p800) February 10, 2013


An heir means that you are to be the recipient of an inheritance …Most of us normal folks doesn’t use words like “heir” or “inheritance”.

Our Dad might leave us a watch…or after Mom and Dad are gone we might have to “settle the estate”, there might be a house, a car, some life insurance…but usually it’s not a vast inheritance…

Heirs and Heiresses are people like the Royals in England…like Prince Charles and William and Holly….can you imagine bring the “Heir” Hurry?

In America we think of people like Paris Hilton…She’s famous primarily because of her last name “Hilton”…She’s heir to the “Hilton” Hotel fortune…Her father will pass down to her and her sister an inheritance worth almost a Billion dollars.

We ended last week’s message talking about being adopted into God’s family through His Holy Spirit…A spirit which testifies to our new relationship with God by crying “Abba” Father…He testifies…He bears witness with our internal soul (the real us or the inside) “We are God’s children.” And if God is now truly our new father we are Heirs…Co-heirs with His only son…

But our test today is introduced with more sobering words…”If indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in His glory. (Romans 8: 17)

When you share something with someone you take a part of whatever it is…You share the last bowl of cereal…the last soda….you share the 20 dollar meal at Red Lobster.

How do we share in Jesus suffering…se we can also share in His glory? What part do we share?

Paul begins our study today in verse 18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing the glory that will be revealed in us.”

Born Again, Spirit-filled followers of Christ are Heirs and Heiresses along with Jesus, of a future glory.


Well, let me answer that in two parts…first of all we suffer because we live in a temporary body..One that’s “dead because of sin”.

[This body ages…as it ages parts wear out…pain increase…wrinkles take hold…I use to visit a lady in the nursing home named Pauline Divine…and I’d ask Pauline…”How you doing?” And she’d respond….”Everything I have hurts…and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t’ work anymore!” That’s a great description of the aging, process.]

[Katherine Hepburn, the great actress said, “I’ve discovered that my body is like a car…something goes wrong, wears out and I take it to the mechanic and he replaces the part…until one day I take it in and he says, “We don’t make parts for that model anymore!”]

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