Summary: Guilty guilty guily, none of us deserve to go to Heaven. After looking at this sermon you will see why

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Romans 3:9-20

Getting on the Same Pages as God about Our Guilt


A. I love you all, Don’t blame me it is the Bible

B. The Scripture Passage today that we have to deal with, hurts

C. I will tell you right now after where done, you are not going to feel good about yourselves

D. Also I will advice you all to pick your feet up off the ground. Why? Because I am probably going to step on a lot of toes today.

E. I love you all, don’t blame me it in the Bible

F. I have always like the Paul’s writing. I have found this to be logical practical and too the point

G. Some writers are easier for me to follow; Paul is definitely one of them.

H. Paul lays us for us the case against man.

I. Today we are going to look at

a. The Who

b. The Charge

c. The Verdict

I. The Who (3:9-12)

A. Explanation

1. Once again Paul is up to his famous FAQ style, to answer questions before they are asked

2. To prove Paul’s point he uses a very good technique. He quotes scripture

3. If you ever want to prove a point, quote Scripture, it is hard to debate what the Word of God says

4. Focusing in on verses 10, 11, and 12. I want you to take out your pencil and underline every time that it says “No One” or “all” or “Not one.” Any of those words are meant to include everybody.

5. Now count them up, according to my count 7 times in three verses it makes reference to all

6. That is very important. I believe Paul did that to further his point that this is everyone.

7. But Paul goes further then that. Not only is it every body but it also indicates that it is the whole man

8. Verse 11 “there is not one who UNDERSTANDS” by that Paul is referring to the mind. The mind is being controlled by sin

9. Verse 11 “No one who SEEKS God” by that Paul is referring to the Heart. The Heart is being controlled by sin

10. Verse 12 “There is no one who DOES good” By that Paul is referring to the persons will. The will is being controlled by sin

B. Application

1. Now lets put all these thoughts together and apply them to our lives

2. The Bible is very clear on who is going to be charged in the case against man

3. Every one

4. Most of you probably accept that thought but allow me to step on some tows

5. By indicating everyone by saying that all our guilty, you are essentially convicting yourself and everyone else

6. What that means is the Muslims, guilty. Blacks, guilty. Jews, Guilty. Buddhist, Guilty. Islamic, guilty. American Christians … Guilty

7. Do not think you are any better then they are just because you claim to be a Christian, do not think you are any better then they are just because you are an American

8. The fact is we are all guilty. Period.

9. And we are not just talking about one part of our bodies we are completely guilty

10. Our Minds, Our Hearts, our will all guilty

C. Illustration

1. When we get cars donated at the Lighthouse there are three major parts. There is the Engine, the Transmission, and the Body. Often that case is that one of those areas is bad. Maybe a blown transmission bad engine or bad body. What we hope to do is get another car exactly like it and make two out of one. However we occasionally receive the car with a bad engine bad transmission and bad body. Obliviously we take the car to the junkyard and get rid of it.

2. Here is the connection, we as humans have three parts. It would be nice if one of those three parts would work. Unfortunately for us, if we were a car we would deserve to go to the junkyard.

3. All of Everyone, not just part of everyone, The entire everyone is guilty of sin

4. The Who is All

II. The Crime (3:13-18)

A. Explanation

1. Exactly what did we do? Paul tells of the Crimes we committed in Verses 13-18

2. Paul gives us an X=ray study or the guilty sinner, from head to tow

3. Verse 13 and 14 Paul examines the throat tongue lips and mouth

4. Of course when we see the word their in this case we can assume that it is from the previous argument of the guilt of the sin is on All

5. We soon get the picture that our out of our mouths flows all sort of filth

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