Summary: Our God has set a wall of fire around His people to protect them from all manners of harm….

Our Home Base Security? In Whom Do I Trust?

Pastor Jim Parisi Harvest House July 7, 02

Zechariah 2:5 For I,’ says the Lord, ’will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’ "

Our God has set a wall of fire around His people to protect them from all manners of harm….

A Wall so great that all that would dare to come against it would fail.

And inside this great wall of protection dwells the Glory of God

We need to shout from the rooftops Halleluiah -- We serve the Living God

Someone needs to thank Him today.

Last year our lives were introduced to the Threat of Terrorism on our very shores.

This Past Thursday, July 4th ---- Once again Our Security Was compromised and shaken…. Our Hearts Feared

The way of life as we once knew it, would never be the same again.

At LAX Just north of us less then 10 minutes away.

The face of the spineless imp crept into our area.

Where once the visibility of our fear centered In the east coast and others parts of the world.

Nowhere close to our homes or personal lives Is Here now in L.A.

The enemies’ subtle way of instilling fear in a people just reared its ugly face here, in our own back yard

The Question for Our Nation today should not be,

Is our Nation safe ???? ---------but who is keeping our Nation Safe?

Who holds the keys to our precious freedom ????

Church where are we going to accept our security to stem from?

Church the word I used was accept --- because we will have a choice to make today.

Who will we trust with our lives -- our families --- our friends our nation… Our future

We are blessed with a great Police, Fire and health community here in the south Bay. They serve us and keep us safe.

We have armaments and weapons within our gates of this great city.

Some Located in the armory’s just about walking distance form most of our Homes.

We have the best-trained military force in the earth.

For all these things, I am grateful that God has seen fit to protect us so well.

His provision cannot be improved upon

Let’s not mistake what happened the other day here in Los Angeles

One Man decided to cause terror in the hearts of a people

He planed his route.

Loaded his weapons

Got in His car

He Crossed County Lines

He passed another airport / John Wayne which is closer to HIS HOME

His hate was so great; it drove Him to a specific place in time

His Destiny

All the points I just made were for one cause and one cause only

To wreak Havoc amongst a peaceful public

This was no coincidence..

the enemy choose this day with much consideration

nothing he does is just a whim

Everything is calculated to rip the power and authority of the people of God away from them.

All on the day we celebrate our precious freedom,

The Freedom we have lately become careless in protecting

He has wheeedl his first card of threat to our way of life

Right here in the South Bay

Yes this man and men like him are a threatening reminder of how evil the enemy really is

He’s not some cartoon figure on TV

But a evil presence looking to cripple, maim and devour.

Remember …We do not fear this evil spirit because there is a God who lives in our hearts,

The God we serve

The everlasting God

He surrounds us with fire to protect us and inhabits us with His Glory

And he has seen fit to use this wall of Fire to reinforce us against the enemy.

TO immunize against any attack

God is saying to Israel his people TODAY

I will bring her back from being scattered throughout the Heathen Nations and return you to Jerusalem

I will inoculate her from external and internal enemies.

You will be a nation Shielded, Sheltered, Safeguarded and Secured

The Lord is saying today ……Yes I will watch over you….

What a Promise to a Nation that Honors God’s Covenant.

You talk about Homeland Security

This is state of the art.

America has enjoyed God’s Homeland Security System since it conception over 200 years ago.

But there is an element in our society that wants to tear down the moral fabric of the society that the Lord has built here in America

A force of evil within our boarders that wants to dishonor our God

To erase his name from the hearts of His people

To steal the inheritance of our children to live in a safe nation under GOD

TO have the choice of freedom within the duration of their lives

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