Summary: Eighth in a series on the attributes of God focusing on the fact that God is absolutely righteous.

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Knowing God Series #8

“Our Infinitely Pure Righteous God”


Hosea the prophet called the people of God to return to Him from a state of distraction.

He promised healing and restoration if they would press on to know the Lord. That is just what we have been trying to do this summer in a series of messages on the attributes or character of God.

I. The nature of God

II. The Attributes of God

A. God is infinitely GREAT in His ability / capacity

B. God is infinitely PURE in His morality

1. God is HOLY

He is infinitely separated from all that is contrary to His own moral character and law.


Every person has a God-ingrained desire to be right to live uprightly. This internal desire to live right stems from being created de in Gods’ image. Mankind works hard at trying to be right even if he has to adjust the standard of measure. Every group and society develops a standard of behavior. Even gangs demand adherence to a code. The only group that society condemns for calling people to a code of behavior is Christians. The declaration of God’s righteousness and the necessity of all who would approach Him to be righteous, resound through the Scriptures as loudly as the holiness of God and insistence on holiness in His followers.

This is the core of the Gospel message. It is the companion doctrine to holiness. It means to “cut straight”, to conform to a standard. The translators usually translate the terms into one of two English words: “Righteous” and “Just”. Other forms of the same root appear as righteousness, justice righteously, justly, justify, justification. It has to with conforming to a set standard.

These references appear just as often as the root related to holiness.

Police may be heard to declare, “It was a righteous bust.” They mean that the arrest conformed to every policy and standard adopted by the police force. To “justify one’s actions” is to explain how our actions perfectly conformed to accepted standards. Holy actions are those actions which do not violate accepted standards. Righteous actions are those which fully comply with accepted standards.

God expects His followers to absolutely avoid anything He asks us not to do. (Be holy)

Don’t steal, lie, murder, hate, judge, quarrel, gossip, grumble, dispute. That is what it means to live holy.

God also expects us to perfectly conform to everything He asks us to do. (Be righteous)

Love without hypocrisy. Share with those in need. Humble yourselves. Give your bodies a living sacrifice. Forgive, forbear, encourage. Love the Lord with all your heart. That is what it means to live righteously. Why? Because God is Righteous and Holy. God perfectly conforms to His own standard. God infinitely avoids everything that does not conform to His own moral standard. God practices EVERTHING He requires. He perfectly practices what He preaches. How refreshing!

We live in a culture of rampant unrighteousness. We live in a culture where justice stumbles in the streets. It’s nothing new.

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