Summary: Throughout this chapter, it speaks of Faith and how needful it is to reach our "Eternal" home. All of the hero's of faith were traveling the same road with the same destination....HOME!

Trouble was brewing in the Jewish community

Some Christian Jews were thinking of turning back to Judaism

The sacrificial offerings, decorations and elaborate temples appealed to them more than a cross.

An ineffectual offering that they could see appealed to them more than an invisible faith

Throughout the chapter it speaks about this faith and how needful it is to help us reach our destination

What is our destination? HOME!

Hebrews 11:8-16 OUR JOURNEY HOME

I. Their Aspirations or Goals (10) His horizons were not limited to his present surroundings

A. They wished for security (Hath Foundations) Living in tents

B. They wished for stability ( Whose builder and maker is God) He had never let them down

II. Their Inspiration (13) What kept them going?

A. Spiritual Satisfaction (persuaded)

B. Faithful Acceptance (Embraced) Means to receive joyfully

C. A Simple Declaration (Pilgrims and strangers) Were saying "we don't belong here

III. Their Dedication (15) No going back

-----Kept their attention on the promises of God

IV. Their Expectation (16)

A. Real (16a) Desire means to reach out, to want

B. Limitless (16b) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Present tense!

He "IS" the God of the patriarchs, not was

C. Complete (16c) This was their goal all along

Do you have such a relationship with the father that will get you home?

Lord may you be glorified through this sermon!!!!!!!

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