Summary: I want us all to understand that when the Bible talks about the “last days”, it is not our last days. Rather these are the last days for the devil, and his evil.


In spite of the more recent developments, I am overall encouraged (although not completely satisfied) by how our nation is responding to what it stands for.

I know the Bible has warned us that we are living in the “last days”. Nevertheless, those people with any kind of moral fiber and/or backbone are making an effort to see this nation return to godly values and principles.

A spiritual awakening/renewal may be taking place.

Perhaps we are beginning to see more than just a return to patriotism. People seem to be responding to the need for God to lead and protect this nation.

I am thankful that most (if not all) of our nation’s leaders are once again in agreement with one another.

Shortly after the tragedy of September 11, our president spoke to the Congress and the nation. He said this:

The commitment of our fathers is the calling of our time.

When was the last time (we can remember) a president saying something that was worth quoting?

What this means is what this nation used to stand for was a commitment to the Lord, and that is what we desperately need today. For many years, the people of America have always thought we would never see the day that our freedom and liberty was threatened.

What should all of this mean to us? The saints of God?

Text: Luke 4:5 thru 7 (NIV; wilderness temptation)


I want us all to understand that when the Bible talks about the “last days”, it is not our last days.

Rather these are the last days for the devil, and his evil.

God is positioning Himself to change things in this world and make it ready for the eternity. God doesn’t want man to continue to live the way he is living.

God is wanting His kingdom to once again possess this world, and to take back what rightfully belongs to Him.

God has a very definite plan for the future of this world.

This is the plan to crown His beloved Son to be the King of Kings for all eternity. God is going to get His way.

I have noticed something happening to those living without the salvation of Jesus Christ. People without Christ simply do not understand the plans of the Lord. They are living their lives in disappointment and fear.

It is true that the recent events are discouraging.

These tragedies are a threat to our way of life.

But - I am firmly convinced that God is in the process of using all of today’s bad news in the headlines to change this world for the better. God hates sin. He also hates terrorism and the fear it brings to His people.

And - God can do anything with what is going on.

As an example, in the Old Testament God used the most heathen nations and the most pagan kings and rulers to fulfill His plan of salvation for His people.

And - God has not changed. He is the same yesterday as He is today, and He always will be! He delights in using the vilest of evil people to get His way.

You see many Christian Americans are easily discouraged. We do not understand real persecution. Sometimes we have persecution taking place and we don’t even realize that it is happening.

Are you aware that there are Christians all over the world being persecuted, beaten and killed by Muslims? I can show you scriptures right out of the Islamic Koran that identifies Christians and Jews as pagan people that must be killed.

The creed they live by has many passages that will alarm anyone who would take time to read them.

I am not telling you this to panic you, but there are many Muslims that have been taught to hate Christians and Jews. We have one of the most out spoken Muslims here in our nation.

This persecutor of the Christian faith is getting more and more publicity and more followers supporting him everyday. His name is Louis Farrakan.

My friend, we don’t have to worry about Farrakan, or Bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein, or anyone else.

The Bible tells me that there have been many dangerous men who have hated God’s people.

There was once a man that was as dangerous as either one of these men. But he was struck down one day on a road to Damascus, and it wasn’t with a Cruise Missile.

It was the Lord Himself that had a talk with this man that enjoyed killing Christians. The Lord forgave him and used him to teach and minister to millions of Christians. God changed Saul and made the Apostle Paul.

While the world is panicked with the threat of Anthrax, and we have one of the largest depots of it just a few miles from here, I want you to know that I have never felt safer in my life than I do today.

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